Red Sox's Jacoby Ellsbury Provides You With A Free Taco

Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base last night in Game 2 against the Colorado Rockies, so you’ll be getting a free taco from Taco Bell.

The taco will be of the “Crunchy Beef” variety and can be obtained by visiting any Taco Bell from 2-5pm on Oct 30.

Thanks, Jacoby.


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  1. bluwapadoo says:

    Great! His legs will give ME the runs!

  2. homerjay says:

    Man did they play that up something fierce last night or what? The worst part was when Ellsbury and… I can’t remember who… were ‘casually talking’ in the dugout about how the fate of free taco’s was in his hands.

    Oh, and they HAPPENED to be mic’d. That was too much.

  3. Aeroracere says:

    Royce Clayton…

    go Sox.

  4. Hambriq says:

    Woo hoo! GO RED SOX!

    I’m cheering on the Sox, not the fact that I can get free tacos on a Tuesday mid-afternoon. Two hours after lunch. Oh, and two hours before dinner.


    I KNOW! Okay, so, Wednesday night when (I think) Alex Cora and Coco Crisp were talking about the free taco, I just thought it was a funny little bit of dialog and FOX was just running with it because they had the dugout mic’d. I mean, the dialog sounded natural, and it was funny enough to make it to the broadcast anyway.

    But last night? Man, that was just a shameless plug. Boo. Oh well, I don’t think Crisp will be here another year, so the man’s gotta get paid somehow.

  5. punkrawka says:

    @bluwapadoo: Thank you, that made my day.

  6. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    This is the sad state of professional sports. The game is merely a sideshow to pimping out Taco Bell’s promotion. Someday we’ll spend 4 hours watching the Super Bowl before realizing all we watched were commercials, the halftime show, and crowd shots. Nobody will ever even snap the ball.

  7. bluesunburn says:

    As a friend of mine put it:

    If someone steals a base, Taco Bell will give you a free taco. If they don’t steal a base, they’ll give you two.

  8. INconsumer says:

    i told my co-worker this and he was mad because of the specific times you could redeem. how funny. someone tries to give him a free taco and he still finds something to b*tch about. lol.

  9. waxigloo says:

    Yes…because televised sporting events haven’t always been about making gobs of money. Oh…wait a minute…

  10. Mr. Guy says:

    According to wikipedia there were 5,845 taco bells in America in 2005. Let’s round that up to 6000. Let’s also say that each taco bell has 8 fully staffed cash registers for the three hours of the free taco promotion, and that it takes 30 seconds for each customer to get their free taco. That means they can only serve about 18 million free tacos, which i think falls a hair short of a taco for everybody in America.

  11. ducksauce says:

    Tacoby Bellsbury.

  12. hubris says:

    @stanfrombrooklyn: Yeah, it was particularly annoying to me watching the two World Series games. Some announcer was talking about facts or something about a player, and he got through it and then the other one was like “That was the MasterCard” whatever, cause the first one forgot to say it. Just….ugh. Everything’s branded by something…the DirecTV blimp which is the best thing ever apparently, and the report brought to you by this company, and the bases brought to you by this company and the air you’re breathing in the stadium courtesy of this company.

    Go Sox!

  13. JRuiz47 says:

    @Mr. Guy:

    Taco Bell tacos are never really a hair short.

  14. rjhiggins says:

    @Mr. Guy: Maybe we should call you Mr. Pedantic instead…

  15. Mr. Guy says:

    i’m just hoping for some hush tacos from Taco Bell before i take this to the NY Times.

  16. Android8675 says:

    I’m all for Boston, but could we please draw this out to 7 games people? blowouts = boring.

  17. jeffjohnvol says:

    Its only for “participating Taco Bell’s”. My guess is that it would be most of them though.

  18. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    I am going to end up with more runs from this promotion than the Red Sox had in game one.

  19. MercuryPDX says:

    The Portland Trailblazers have a similar Promo Deal with Taco Bell. If they score over 100 points at a home game, all the fans get a coupon for a free chalupa. You only need to Google to see how successful/pervasive it is.

  20. jeblis says:

    @homerjay: Yeah I thought the product placement in the dugout conversation crossed the line.

    I’m also not too happy with the miced conversations on the mound, etc. Do we really want to know how meaningless the pitching coach visits are?

  21. RandomHookup says:

    @Android8675: There is a portion of the Boston population holding tix to Games 6 & 7 (all the other games are in Denver now) who are rooting for Boston to lose 2 games on the road.

  22. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @MercuryPDX: Yeah the L.A. Kings have a deal with Mcdonalds. If we score a goal in the final minute of the 2nd period you get a Mcflurry. Its called the Mcflurry minute. It ends up being 15-20 guys screaming “ICE CREAM!!!” for the whole minute. Which is weird cause I think mcflurrys are not real ice cream.

    Anyway I got a coupon and it took visiting 3 different Mcd’s over a month or so to find a participating one.

  23. cde says:

    @Mr. Guy: No taco bell has 8 registers. The 13 around me (I commute a long way) only have 3~4 registers, including the window.

  24. UpsetPanda says:

    Well, Papa Johns is offering free toppings everytime the Redskins win a game.

  25. Japheaux says:

    What, no comment from PETA yet? I thought they’d be sceaming for a bean burrito replacement deal by now. And speaking of taco fillings, I haven’t seen that stupid little dog in a while.

  26. drjayphd says:

    Hey, at least the dugout conversations weren’t as bad as the Chevy fake crowd shot. Can we advocate (mild) violence against whoever green-lighted that?

  27. scoosdad says:

    @omerhi: For those viewers having a surround sound system and are weary of the commentators, I have a suggestion: listen to the game in surround, and unplug the center channel speaker. Voila, announcers (and most of the commercial audio) are history! Just the natural crowd sound from the rest of the speakers.

    Now if I could just do the same sort of thing to get rid of the ridiculous graphics whizzing around the screen.

    Go Sox!

  28. CyGuy says:

    Combine with a free burrito from Chipotle on Halloween (for dressing like a burrito or other Chipotle food item) and we’re getting quite a line up of Mexican food for next week!

    Now we just have to get something from Qdoba and California Tortilla Factory!

  29. StevieD says:


    I love blowouts. The right fielder gets to come in to pitch two innings and showoff his slowball.