There’s still no decisive victory in the high-def format wars, but here are the current standings: Sony’s Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD in the U.S. by a 2-to-1 margin for the first 3 quarters of 2007, but analysts say the trend could reverse in these last few months due to high-profile titles (like “Transformers”) being released in high-def exclusively on HD-DVD. The verdict? It’s still either format’s game. [Reuters]

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  1. ShadowFalls says:

    As long as movie studios take sides there will be no clear winner. There will be a loser though, the consumer.

    Sony Pictures will never do HD DVD as their parent company is the primary backer of Blu-ray. Disney has chosen to be all Blu-ray, while Paramount has chosen to do HD DVD.

    The most innovative part I have seen is on the HD DVD side. The HD DVD/DVD combo movies are a great idea. Problem? Ones like Paramount won’t be making those at all, and the ones that are doing it, are inconsistent on the ones they are doing it with.

    The best way to do thing in my opinion, is to double side the disc and have one side of each. This is the only way to work out the mass headaches we have now. Unfortunately, because of greed this will not happen.

    So in the end, it is not a matter of taking sides, it is a matter of getting to watch the movies you want in the Hi-Def format, or not watching them in Hi-Def at all. It all seems kind of silly, to push people to go to Hi-Def, them splinter their decisions and make them to not go Hi-Def on movie selections.

    As mentioned, no clear winner, but that winner is certainly not the consumer.

  2. Starfury says:

    I’m not going to buy either format, I have better things to spend my extra $$ on.

  3. Nashville says:

    Why do we need just one format? We’ve got three major video game consoles doing just fine (Microsoft’s X-Box 360, Nintendo’s Wii and to a lesser extent Sony’s Playstation 3) in America right now. I’d love to own one system that will play titles for all three systems but it’s just not going to happen. The market isn’t demanding it – the movie format “wars” will likely turn out the same way.

  4. JiminyChristmas says:

    @Starfury: I’m with you. Anyone old enough to remember Betamax tapes isn’t going to touch this one until it completely shakes out.

  5. Shadowfire says:

    “The verdict? It’s still either format’s game.”

    This is a stupid line. It should read “it’s still neither format’s game.” Both are doing so terribly that you can’t even begin to determine which will come out the victor.

  6. Starfury says:

    @JiminyChristmas: I am old enough to remember betamax tapes. Never had a player but my brother in law did have one; he may still have one to this day.

  7. warf0x0r says:

    10 Transformers = “The Suck”
    20 Go To 10
    30 End

  8. TechnoDestructo says:

    Those 4 million or so PS3s probably helped.

    I mean it’s still too expensive for a game console, but being cheaper than the HD-format competition can’t hurt.

    But that just means that Sony has TWO fronts on which they have to worry about downward price-pressure. And the more they fall behind Nintendo and Microsoft on console sales, the more they have to worry about HD-DVD player prices.

    A quick check of Froogle tells me that blu-ray players are about 50% more expensive than HD-DVD players…so yeah, this could turn around really quick.

  9. WhiteTrashLegend says:

    For the record, I don’t have either player, but plan to invest in Blu-Ray later this year if the prices on players come down a little more.

    The reasoning is simple: For every Transformers exclusive, there’s a Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, and Simpsons movie. Blu-Ray just seems to have more high caliber exclusives, and that coupled with most major electronics companies making Blu-Ray players, and better retail presence, this 2 to 1 trend will likely continue.

  10. edrebber says:

    Have yet to see side by side comparisons of blueray/hd-dvd versus regular DVD in the stores. The difference must not be that compelling.

  11. Pilam69 says:

    I own a PS3 and so, therefore, I buy Blu-Ray movies and I hope they “win” the format war. That said, there is NO end in sight and the “sales” that they brag about when comparing the two formats are so small in the overall scheme of things that it’s hardly worth talking about.

    For people like me who LOVE movies and have spend what most people here would consider a ridiculous amount of money on their media room Blu Ray seems like the preferred choice because it holds more information on one disc and therefore can contain more extras, or better sound files (like uncompressed audio) which, unfortunately Transformers had to leave out due to the size limitations of HD-DVD discs.

    So, from a Consumerist standpoint, it would appear that Blu would be the way to go because you get more “bang” for your buck. But in the meantime buy DVD’s and enjoy them, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

  12. Cary says:

    What? Nobody’s heard of the third format soon to be announced?

    No… really. There’s a third format that will use a red laser (both of the others use blue lasers) and multi (up to 8) layer disks. No recordable version to follow.

    The players are cheaper to make and the disks are cheaper to press.

    I’m not kidding… just when you were trying to decide whether you had to go #1 or #2…

  13. theblackdog says:

    Is Sony counting giving away 5 free movies with purchase of a blu-ray player as a “Sale”? If they are, then their numbers are totally skewed.