If you’re doing holiday shopping online but want to know where your toys are made before you buy them, check out the list at FatBrainToys. They don’t sell things like Bratz or Hot Wheels, but if you’re in the market for unique (sometimes even “educational”) toys, it’s a good place to start. [FatBrainToys.com]


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  1. tcabeen says:

    The relevance of this comment depends on the age of the child in question.

    I got to spend Christmas with my nephew when he was 3. the very energetic lad got lots of great toys, and there was even a small table and chair set (for drawing, coloring, etc). The furniture box made an amazing step, dance platform, stage, etc.

    I learned that day that sticks, stones, blocks, and boxes are the best an only toys a young man needs to be happy. My kids are going to get the best/crappiest toys EVER.