If Your Barbasol Shaving Cream Explodes In Your Shower, You Will Receive Coupons

Sometimes people are so surprised that they’ve reached an actual human being with their complaint email that they write in and tell us about it.

Nick writes:

I had a problem with my can of Barbasol Shaving Cream exploding in my shower, so I emailed them and in a few hours they responded with free coupons. Great company! Great customer service!

From: nick Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 10:31 PMTo:

Subject: Product Problemae07002/0727
My fairly new bottle for no apparent reason started to leak out the top, around the button. Thankfully I had it in the shower and it didn’t explode all over my bathroom.. It is the Smoothing Aloe.

Sorry to hear about the problem with our cream. I am sending you two coupons for free cans. Hopefully something like that doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for being a Barbasol user!
-Mike Coughlin
Marketing Assistant
Perio, Inc.
6156 Wilcox Rd.
Dublin, OH 43016

That’s really nice, although the idea of Barbasol actually exploding makes us laugh. We don’t know why. Shaving cream is just inherently amusing.



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  1. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    People still use Barbasol?

  2. stpauliegirl says:

    I call 1-800 numbers on packaging all the time to complain or praise a product. Either way, you get free coupons. I had some wonky Tombstone pizzas where the circle of sauce and cheese wasn’t lined up with the crust (edible but messy), and they sent me coupons to reimburse me for my three pizzas. I called Johnson & Johnson to find out where I could find a certain product only to be told it was discontinued, and they sent me $5 in coupons. I called General Mills to tell them their breakfast bars were disgusting, and I got coupons for two free boxes of cereal. Most decent companies will throw coupons at you if you take the time to contact them.

  3. Android8675 says:

    @public enemy #1: I do, great stuff. I have the facial hair from hell, barbasol works great, almost as good as the mug and brush that my father uses.

  4. DrGirlfriend says:

    I sent an email to whomever takes complaints about Lean Pockets and got a quick response, and coupons in the mail. I’ve done the same thing with other companies. They’ve been small complaints, worded as an FYI-type thing more than a rant. I always get a quick reply and coupons. Hooray for coupons.

    The Lean pockets people were sorta stingy, though. they sent me one solitary coupon. They must be hurting.

  5. azntg says:

    Exploding in the shower sounds perfectly plausible to me. If Barbasol is placed in an aerosol can (pressurized container) and not like the squeeze tube as seen in the vintage ad, high pressure and high temperature, especially the latter in a shower, will invoke the laws of physics ;-)

  6. stpauliegirl says:

    @DrGirlfriend: Yeah, that’s the way I approach it, like, “I just wanted to tell you that your pizza was a bit wonky…but it was still tasty!” Although I did literally use the word “disgusting” with General Mills, but I made sure to tell the phone lady that I’m sure she didn’t make the breakfast bars herself.

  7. jharrell says:

    @Android8675: Only stuff that works for me too. Tried them all. Yes all of them. I have also found that the Gillette mach 3 ( the old circa 1997 ) version works the best. All the new 4 blades get clogged.

  8. warf0x0r says:

    The article title definitely paints a different picture that what is stated.

  9. SolDeBarber says:

    I remember a set of Barbasol signs I saw down south:
    900 EMPTY JARS

  10. Starfury says:

    I E-mailed a complaint to Red Robin about a crappy meal I had there. 4 days later I had a $25 gift card from them in the mail.

  11. emona says:

    I just e-mailed Eggland’s Best about some seriously runny eggs I got mixed into my dozen (twice!). I hope to get the wonderful results you all are posting.

  12. ElizabethD says:

    Yay, Barbasol. The moisturizing kind is great for shaving your legs in the shower. (Women… and men if that’s your thing) And it’s cheap.

  13. AD8BC says:

    Yes, I agree… Definitely the original Mack 3 blades are the best.
    (Except when my wife borrows them without telling me)
    And I do use them with Barbasol.

  14. Jean Naimard says:

    @public enemy #1:
    You should see the “Williams Mug” soap I use!!!

  15. rbcat says:

    @SolDeBarber: Hey, that’s a Burma-Shave ad!


  16. SolDeBarber says:


    I checked Wiki and saw this:
    * Free – free / a trip to Mars / for 900 / empty jars / Burma-Shave

    One respondent, Arlyss French, who was the owner of a Red Owl grocery store, did submit 900 empty jars; the company replied: “If a trip to Mars you earn, remember, friend, there’s no return.” After he collected 900 more jars for the return trip, the company, on the recommendation of Red Owl’s publicity team, sent him on vacation to the town of Moers (often pronounced “Mars” by foreigners) near Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


  17. xredgambit says:

    I concur. 3 blades are perfect. I do like the pointless vibrating mach 3. I do think their blades are a little better because of moisterizing. I hated the 4 blades and the 5 was a little better then 4 but still bad.
    As for shaving cream, its the extra protection all the way.
    Oh and also I normally use my crappy electric razor. I use the presion trimmer head when I need to shave and it gets close. Since I work at a rental place I’m not to worried if I’m a little scruffy.

  18. theblackdog says:

    @jharrell: Mach 3 also works great for shaving your balls.