Airbrushes Starting To Get TV Stars "HD-Ready"

Before going on TV this week, the makeup person used a device with a long nozzle and tube to apply base to my face. When I asked her what it was, she said it was an airbrush, and they “you’re going to see it a lot more with HD.” Apparently an airbrush can get the makeup and smooth cover into all the little cracks and imperfections that would otherwise be exposed with the new hi-definition TV sets. No doubt the makers of Desperate Housewives will be copping the technique. The show saw its ratings plummet after the advent of Hi-Def sets let viewers see the stars wrinkles and age-lines in true detail. Just when you think the veil of magic of is going to be destroyed, TV builds a thicker veil, with more sequins. Thanks, Television, for keeping the dream alive!

(Photo: Getty)

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