Sprint Hires 150 More Customer Service Reps

“Churn” is the measure of how many customers defect to another provider. Of all the major cellphone carriers, Sprint has the highest:
Sprint: 2%
AT&T: 1.6%
T-Mobile: 1.6%
Verizon: 1.1%

Which is why they’re hiring 150 additional customer service employees. It won’t solve their problems, but it’s certainly a great place to start. Maybe they can people from the Sprint Consumerist Hotline to train them. Those guys are awesome!

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  1. mike1731 says:

    Considering the last time I had to call on a billing issue, I was trapped in voice mail hell for over an hour before speaking to someone, this is long overdue. I’ve been with sprint for 6 years now, and their service continues to surprise me. And not all surprises are necessarily good….

  2. chili_dog says:

    Even the super secret business support customer service blows. They still haven’t converted all the accounts to the new system INC, and they are now planning more changes.

    The real problem with sprint isn;t that the people suck, it’s the management that are unable to focus on anything for more then 6 minutes.

  3. dethl says:

    Meh, more reps aren’t going to fix the horrible reception Sprint phones have out here in New Mexico.

  4. BobMcCartyWrites says:

    Having more customer services folks might help, but not if the company trains them to perform as their reps have in the past.

    Yesterday, I wrote a post, Sprint Slow to Deliver on Promised Rebates, at my blog, Bob McCarty Writesâ„¢. In it, I describe the bear of a time I’ve had dealing with my wireless phone carrier during the past few months.

    Today, it appears someone at Sprint headquarters must have read that post or one of the two other Sprint-related posts I’ve written about my nightmarish experience, because I received an e-mail message through an e-mail address they could have only found at my blog.

    In that e-mail, they informed me that “…at this point, we are unable to locate any information…” regarding my rebate. I found that interesting, since I had saved a screenshot from my account page on the Sprint PCS web site which told me otherwise.

    Curiosity got the best of me, so I called the person who had sent the e-mail, was transferred to a “specialist” who confirmed the content of the e-mail and pressed me for more information. In response, I gave them the number of the rebate check that the aforementioned Sprint PCS web page told me had been issued and is scheduled to ship by 10-29-07.

    That seemed to satisfy their curiosity. Now, I wait to see if my rebates are delivered in about two weeks at the “Sprint Speed” they describe in their advertising.

    To date, “Sprint Speed” has taken 48 days — or nearly seven weeks — and my $150 rebate check from Sprint has yet to pass through my hands.

  5. workingonyourinvoice says:

    I just called them last night to cancel my contract, and after that I had my dad’s phone number transfered to my old phone. It was all relatively painless, but only because I was able to get the consumerist hotline/executive support people to alter my contract date. A couple months ago I was seeing Oct. 17 2007 online as the end of my contract, but I called the regular workerbees to verify that, and they said Sept. 2008. The executive support guy was able to change my contract date, and even dropped all the unnecessary fluff off the account since I use the sprint phone is no longer my primary phone. I was almost sad to go, but alas, the iPhone siren was calling…

  6. Pink Puppet says:

    They’re saying it like hiring a hundred and fifty people will make a difference. I worked in Sprint customer service once, and they outsource–or did at that time–a great deal of their customer service to a shoddy company called Teleperformance USA. (In the interest of full disclosure, I was fired for taking too long on my calls. God forbid someone care about a customer.)

    That company doesn’t train well, has miserable conditions in at least two of the facilities I had worked at, and doesn’t really reward the customer service rep for doing well at their job. If you’re calling Sprint, you really just have to pray to get Sprint’s real employees on the line. Those guys are actually pretty good at what they do, but they also get paid a heck of a lot better.

    So on second thought, maybe it will make a difference. You get 150 more chances to get a potentially decent rep.

  7. TechnoDestructo says:

    2 percent per what? Year? Week? Hour?

  8. alulim says:

    …Lets be honest here. The big problem with Sprint isn’t how many people they have but how many departments exist… mostly the overlap therein. There’s a policy of “one call, one resolution” but its not the priority of the first person you speak to fix it, only to redirect to somewhere else (that can again, ‘redirect’.) Add in the fact that Sprint does not “employ call centers outside the US”, they subcontract. My advice is go into a retail and explain the problem, if they can’t fix it outright you can at least watch them jump thru the same hoops.

    ~affiliate employee

  9. pestie says:

    “maybe they can people?” That sentence no verb.

  10. Trackback says:

    Sprint screwed me again! Yay! Do they care? No, of course not. But I’m still going to complain, so there. Sprint exemplifies why the Senate is thinking about outlawing the industry’s worst business practices as a form of fraud. My latest travail follows.

  11. Bladefist says:

    I figured verizon had a good ‘churn’ amount, I’ve always had good service with them. The rep appeared to be american and knew what was going on.