Princess Cruise Lines Requires Death Certificate To Get Off Junk Mail List

From The Portland Mercury:

“My step-grandfather died four years ago. …one of those cruise lines (Princess Cruises to be exact), still likes to send him mail, which I get for some reason. So after four years of constant junkmail for a deceased member of my family, I thought it was about time to contact Princess and let them know that their intended customer will not be taking a cruise anytime soon.

I did that this morning and they said they’d be happy to remove him from their mailing list, if I faxed over a copy of his death certificate.”

What a disgusting and indifferent policy. If they’re sending stuff in envelopes, may we suggest carefully opening the side of one, slipping some heavy metal ingots inside, sealing it, and then writing RETURN TO SENDER on it. Do that a couple of times, possibly increasing the weight of the package each time and maybe they’ll get the picture. Otherwise, Princess is owned by Carnvial and you could try kicking this up to them.

I Hate You Princess Cruise Lines [Portland Mercury] (Thanks to Gabriel!)
(Photo: Spidra Webster)