Great Moments In Commercial History: The Back Up

“It’s the smartest money you’ll spend in your life.” A bed-mounted gun rack? Smart? At first we thought this was fake, but no. Here’s the patent.

“Many customers are buying one for each side of the bed.” We’re trying to imagine a scenario where one would need not one, but two of these. Sadly, we’re not Robert Rodriguez, so we can’t.

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  1. ChewySquirrel says:

    LOL, thats awesome.

  2. harleymcc says:

    I’m in Canada

    I’d put a big ass salami in each one.

  3. Aut0mat1c says:

    “Ma! Get my credit card! I know what to get Jr for Christmas this year!”

  4. sethom says:

    freakin sweeeet!!! I need 3, use one as a backup.

  5. lestat730 says:

    haha “many customers are buying one for each side of the bed!” Ah I love it, got a good laugh in for the day :)

  6. dzosh says:

    well, if you’re serious about using a gun for protection, and don’t have children…its not all that bad of an idea

  7. JPropaganda says:

    YEA! The commercial I sent in made it! WHOOOO! BACKUP!!!

  8. homerjay says:

    Its official- Everything has now been invented.

  9. jwarner132 says:

    I think it’s an ok idea, but if you have kids in the house you’d have to unload and secure it every time you left the bed without the shotgun in hand. Depending on the state you live in, you might have to do that regardless of whether or not you have kids in the house. In any case I’d be worried about accidentally kicking it, or have it get caught in the bed sheets when I need it most.

    It looks funny, but shotguns are actually great for personal protection inside the home because
    1) At close range, it’s hard to miss, and in the home, most encounters are close range.
    2) If you do miss with any of the shot, the pellets will be stopped by a wall instead of travelling through and hitting someone in the next room like a bullet might.

  10. wildfire991 says:

    But where can I put my self-defense rocket launcher when I sleep?

  11. huadpe says:

    I am opposed to having a gun in my home for the following reasons.

    1. They scare the crap out of me, and I would feel unsafe just looking at it.

    2. It isn’t a deterrent if nobody knows you have a gun.

    3. If people know you have a gun, it makes it more likely they will break in in order to steal the gun from you.

    Not saying you don’t or shouldn’t have the right to a gun, I just don’t feel like exercising that right.

  12. Saboth says:

    Man where are these people living where you need shotguns available in a moment’s notice? KABLAM!!! “Oh, it’s just you honey…you got up for a midnight snack? I was having a bad dream that someone was breaking into the house and in my sleepy stupor I just grabbed my shotgun and fired. Honey? honey? Where’s your head?”

  13. bsankr says:

    “Not intended for homes with children”

    Sorry, son, you’re going to have to amend your Christmas list.

  14. darkclawsofchaos says:


    I think the only way to miss is because of hesitation, and its amazing how some people doesn’t know how to use one, my friend’s dad owns a shotgun, and my friend doesn’t even know how to use the pump action (pull the button behind the trigger and pull back then push foward to load, point and fire), guns are not safe for those who keep it as a deterent but doesn’t know how to use it

  15. bombaxstar says:

    Must suck for people who have a tendency to roll off the bed at night…

  16. P.?.L.M. : Fresh startover! says:

    @huadpe: I’m all with you on that one

    I’d rather hide a throwing knife under my bed and pretend I can throw it just like Steven Seagal

  17. taka2k7 says:

    I keep my “When you absolutely, positively have to kill every mother f$@#er in the room” AK47 under my bed (that way even my toddlers can get to it!)

    Seriously, how freaking paranoid do you have to be to buy this? I wonder how many of these guns have gone off while they climb into bed?

    Buy a security door and window alarms and and keep the shot gun in your gun safe.

  18. Don’t be a pussy. Put a sword in it.

  19. DarthSensei says:

    You can’t beat an inexpensive pump shotgun for home protection. I’m not sure I would have mine out in the open like this however.

  20. theblackdog says:

    @Daniel Rutter: One of my friends scared off a burglar by running down the stairs wielding a katana at them.

  21. workingonyourinvoice says:

    In some cases, you don’t even have to keep it loaded. There have been cases where the sound of the pump action was plenty to scare off the bandits.

  22. ElizabethD says:

    My husband keeps a big ol’ baseball bat in a corner by the bed, just in case; maybe I’ll get him a sweet under-bed rack for it. Hee hee.

  23. ElizabethD says:

    I had to look up “katana.” Cool!

  24. sbcale says:

    I am waiting on the under the pillow handgun version :)

  25. Kupaka says:

    this could make for some cool action sequences, like killing 15 burglars before your feet hit the ground, flip over the bed, get your other gun then jump out the window before your house inexplicably explodes, killing your entire family, then swear revenge and then credits roll.

  26. lawnmowerdeth says:

    @taka2k7: “Seriously, how freaking paranoid do you have to be to buy this? I wonder how many of these guns have gone off while they climb into bed?”

    I’m going to guess none. People that own firearms are generelly smart enough not to have a round chambered with the safety off.

    And also @WARNER13: Kicking a gun won’t make it go off. Dropping a gun won’t either, this is a fallacy that the movies like to show, and then a scare tactic by the anti-gun movement.

    I’d really hate The Consumerist to turn into some gun/anti-gun flamewar like so many other websites.

  27. Allura says:

    @jwarner132: And 3. The sound of a shotgun is quite…distinctive.

    @sbcale: They make wall mounted cabinets to put your handgun near your bed.

    @taka2k7: Great, so they get in anyway. Now what do you do? Those alarmed windows won’t help you when the average time it takes for the cops to show up is 15 minutes – and that’s after the alarm company calls them, adding another step. That’s the average, mind you; it can easily be longer, even hours from when you first call. Remember, the cops do NOT have an obligation to protect you. Their job is to find the crook later, not to be your bodyguard. Frankly, my own life and my family’s is worth protecting.

  28. TC2COOL says:

    Like many people in the US, I live about 15 miles from the nearest town. If someone were to break in while I was in bed, it would take the sheriff at least 20 mins. to get to my place.

    I sleep with a gun within reach every night. I cannot rely on others to protect my home because I’m too far out in the county. Gun owners and gun users are not crazy right wing nuts who want to shoot any noise in the back yard. We are people who live too far from town to have police response times that would deter break-ins.

  29. evixir says:

    You know, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard of. Speaking as a single female who lives alone in an urban area, having a weapon at close reach while in bed is not a terrible idea. I already have a knife nearby just in case; speaking specifically for women, you can’t be too careful nowadays.

  30. MrEvil says:


    1: That is of course your personal opinion and I’m not going to have a problem with you saying that you don’t like firearms.

    2: In a country where private firearm ownership is prevalent, how do they know you DON’T have a firearm as opposed to them knowing that you have one? Your argument is a bit fallacious.

    3. Show your work? And again, this brings me back to your argument being fallacious. How does the criminal know weather or not you have a gun? Why is he more likely to break into your house to get it? The majority of lawful gun owners know how to use their weapon better than the criminal does, not to mention the fact that most gun owners keep their weapons locked up in a safe when not at home.

    The U.K banned almost all private firearm ownership. All that happened was people got stabbed more. Police in the UK have to wear vests much heavier than an American cop because while Kevlar can stop bullets, it can be cut rather easily with a sharp instrument like a knife. So not only do Brittish cops have to be protected from bullets from criminals who have firearms anyway, they have to protect themselves from being stabbed.