Chris Case at The Huffington Post gets threatened with “the police” by an airline employee during a calm disagreement. [Huffington Post] (Thanks, Mike!)


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  1. chili_dog says:

    I guess this is just another attack upon a lefty by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

  2. jstonemo says:

    Are they saying that Chris Case doesn’t like The Police? I think they are a fine band. Sting’s voice is great as is his composing skills.

    Those darn lefties don’t like anything, do they?

  3. JiminyChristmas says:

    In a just world, when power-tripping airline clerks and flight attendants summon the authorities for no good reason the police would have a kind word with the petty tyrants themselves.

    After all, the airport police have better things to do…like averting terrorism and conducting toilet stall toe tapping stings.

  4. loueloui says:

    This happened to me at the Orlando airport. The baggage gorillas at Continental destroyed 2 of my bags, one of them was a very durable tool case. I can’t imagine what they did to break it.

    Anyway I was rather steamed, and the girl behind the counter started talking to me in a very condescending manner. That got me fired up, and when I asked to speak with a supervisor she just walked away from the desk towards the back. The supervisor came over, and immediately started screaming at me.

    Someone heard the ruckus, and called the police who came running. The cop came over and started giving me a hard time until another passenger who was not with me commented that it was them who where screaming at me. The cop finally saw it for what it was and left me alone.

    The next day I spoke with the manager of the counter. When he tried to justify calling the police on me I asked him if I would have been justified in calling them to report my baggage had been vandalized by their workers. He didn’t answer.

  5. Leiterfluid says:

    It sounds more like the author of this post is the one who needs to over himself, and quit acting like a freaking crybaby. He would have been well within his rights to demand to speak to a supervisor and should have welcomed police intervention, if indeed he was as calm as he states he was.

    You’re not required under federal law to comply with the ticket agents, despite what both the customer service representative and the author of the article would have you believe.

    It’s an unfortunate fact that many flights are oversold; however, Horizon, being an Alaska air partner allows web-based check-in up to 24 hours before the departure time. He could have gotten himself and his wife checked in well in advance.

    I really don’t know what’s worse. The agent threatening to call the cops, or this guy walking back to his seat with his tail between his legs and saving his vitriol for the safety and comfort of his office.

  6. humphrmi says:

    I was fairly impressed with Horizon in the old days. In fact, I used to work for them. Compared to the employees of the majors, Horizon employees had something to prove – that they were better – and they put a lot of energy into that goal. Back in the ’80’s we were a bunch of young turks out to take over the airline industry with puddle-hoppers.

    Now it seems that the Alaska deal has made them complacent like the rest.

  7. InThrees says:

    Look you jerks, you have to go to school for like a MILLION years to be able to count how many seats are on an airplane.

  8. XTC46 says:

    It is common practice to oversell flights because they expect ~5% no show. Almost all industries do this because it allows them to make more money. Sounds like the attendant was just a pain. Most airlines will ask for volunteers before bumping people, but according to the writer he may not have even been bumped, it was stated they might be bumped.

  9. Mr. Gunn says:

    Man, flying sucks.

    8 hour drive averaging 60 miles/hour = ~480 miles averaging 25 mpg = 19.2 gallons * $2.50/gallon ~=8 hours and $50 in gas.

    1 hour flight time + 1 hour getting to the airport and through security and waiting at the gate + 1 hour average delay + 1:30 layover + ~1 hour getting baggage and renting a car = 5.5 hours and $200 + rental car fees.

    So you’d be paying $150 for the privilege of being treated like cattle, to save 2.5 hours. Holiday travel is even worse.

  10. The Reviewer says:

    You are welcome :)

  11. pkchukiss says:

    Ah, but the newspaper has a wider reach than at the airport. What better to have the airline trip over itself to right things than to publish your story in a newspaper?