AT&T Says It Will Begin Prorating Termination Fees

Maybe the T-Mobile lawsuit has scared AT&T a bit, because they’ve announced that they’re changing their early termination policy: they will now prorate termination fees instead of charging a flat fee. They’re also removing the policy that required existing customers to extend a current agreement or sign up for a new one when changing their level of service. No word on when these changes will go into effect, but there’s nothing on their website yet.

Entirely by coincidence, the announcement comes the same week that the Senate Commerce Committee is holding hearings on consumer wireless plans. A guy in a monkey suit at JD Power & Associates explains, “Carriers want to be able to show they can self-regulate and not have to have regulations imposed on them.”

This is like that scene in “Return of the Jedi” when Darth Vader’s helmet is removed: he’s doesn’t exactly become less evil, but we see a more human face.

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