Delta And American Airlines Employees Charged With Drug Smuggling

We sort of suspect that the 10 American Airlines and Delta employees busted for running a drug smuggling ring at New York’s JFK airport didn’t really have their heart into the customer service aspect of the job. Probably distracted by the whole “life of crime” thing.

From Bloomberg:

Federal agents today arrested 18 people who were part of an international heroin, cocaine and ecstasy importation group, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf said in a statement. The group concealed narcotics in luggage and used airport workers to smuggle the drugs aboard commercial flights to JFK, she said.

“The investigation uncovered a major international drug importation and distribution organization” prosecutors said in their criminal complaint unsealed today. Both airlines said they cooperated with investigators.

If you were wondering why your baby powder keeps going missing from your luggage when you fly through JFK, here’s your answer.

JFK is a hotbed of crime lately, just ask the JetBlue employees who went on a spending spree using stolen credit cards.

Delta, American Workers at JFK Charged With Smuggling (Update2)
(Photo:Jingles The Pirate)

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