A group of Congressmen used Simpsons characters without permission in a weird press release that involves Mr. Burns, Mayor Joe Quimby, some anti-MoveOn swipes and a little incest humor. Fox has said they did not authorize the usage and that the characters “may not be used in this manner,” but TechDirt wonders whether the network will sue? (We’re thinking no.) [TechDirt]


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  1. axiomatic says:

    If they don’t they are hypocrites. But we knew that already didn’t we?

  2. MeMikeYouNot says:

    Talk about bad taste…oh, those entertaining Repugs.

  3. The_Duke says:

    There is a fair use exception for satire/parody in US copyright law. This might fall under it. It’s a sad day when Congressmen/women are spending their time with this crap. Apparently every problem in the country is fixed?

  4. Optimistic Prime says:

    I’m confused as to why a good Republican like Mr. Burns would be in cahoots with MoveOn.org???

  5. UEAKCrash says:

    What the hell is everyones problem with MoveOn.org?

  6. Mr. Gunn says:

    What’s everyone’s problem with Fox?


  7. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Quimby: If You Were Running For Mayor, He’d Vote For You.
    Paid for by the Mayor Quimby for Mayor mayorial committee.

  8. geoelectric says:

    It’s not remotely parody, at least in any sense that falls under fair use. You have to be parodying the work you’re deriving from. In other words, it’d have to be poking fun at the Simpsons, not delivering a political message.

    It is satire, but you can’t use someone else’s work in the process of satirizing something. There’s no fair use defense for satire.

  9. MYarms says:

    Ugh. That was just terrible.

  10. superbmtsub says:

    Repuglicans behind a sneaky kiddie-style attack to further their cause? Unbelievable!

    /end sarcasm

  11. Red_Eye says:

    Parody is a protected art form, just ask South Park, so whats wrong with a little parody of the Simpsons?

  12. llcooljabe says:

    @axiomatic: Why exactly are they hypocrites, now?

  13. Javert says:

    @UEAKCrash: Umm let us see. They lie/bend the truth/double standard…see factcheck.org and search moveon. For a group as self righteous as they are, you would think they would be more honest. You would think with all the stupid policies and decisions of the current administration they would not have to lie but they do, and as such, deserve no respect.

    In a time when the democrats should have won the white house it is groups like moveon that in the end hurt by turning away middle of the road voters. Good job. Now please move on moveon, your test it over you failed.

  14. forever_knight says:

    @Red_Eye: THAT is not parody. that is political b.s. with a touch of simpsons.

  15. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    So… any Repub who sides with the Democrats on SCHIP is Monty Burns? And Democratic House members screw their nieces? Yeah, that’ll work. There’s going to be a House staffer out of work very soon, methinks.