Top Posts Of The Week

Sick Of Waiting For An Install, 75-Year-Old Woman Smashes Up Comcast Office With Hammer
“”Have I got your attention now?” asked Mona Shaw of the Comcast payment center employees as she smashed their keyboard, monitor and telephone.”

ATA Tries To Have You Arrested For Using Your iPhone In “Airplane Mode”
“He has no answer for that, but to now yells at me “You have to do anything I say, I am going to have you arrested…”

The Ultimate Consumerist Guide To Fighting Back
“If you’re ready to stop getting mad and start getting results, check out these posts…”

Target Won’t Refund New iPod Box Found Full Of Rocks…Twice
“Melanie Ritter thought she was buying a video iPod from Target for her daughter’s birthday, only to open the box and find rocks inside. Imagine how much more disappointed she was the second time this happened.”

Walmart’s Total Retail Space Is Larger Than Manhattan
“The latest issue of GOOD Magazine has a sweet graphic showing the comparative landmass taken up by the world’s largest retail chains.”