Directly Call AT&T | DISH Retentions

To reach the AT&T | DISH retentions department, call 866-266-1292 , press 1, then press 1 again. Retentions departments are the gate of customer service you usually have to pass through to cancel service. They try to identify and solve objections to the service you have, either by pointing out features of awesomeness you apparently weren’t aware of, or by tossing credits or price reductions your way.

(Photo: Brendoman)


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  1. faust1200 says:

    Darth has certainly been getting around these days. I think he’s the new Consumerist “kitty photo.”

  2. gacompguy says:

    Nice to know now that I’ve can canceled my Dish service. They kept wanting to argue with me about about replacing a four year old DVR. Now if they would just stop sending me emails telling me my monthly bill of $0.00 is available.