AT&T Mobility's CEO Stan Sigman Retires After 42 Years

AT&T Mobility’s CEO Stan Sigman has announced his retirement after 42 years with the company. The AP says:

Sigman began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone as a stockman in 1965. He stayed with the company as it grew from the smallest Baby Bell to the nation’s largest telecommunications company through a series of aggressive acquisitions.

How nice.

You can now address your complaint letters to his successor, the less alliterative, but decidedly sexier-sounding Ralph de la Vega.

AT&T Mobile Phone Chief Retires [Associated Press]


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  1. ptkdude says:

    It’s AT&T Mobility, not AT&T Wireless.

  2. liquisoft says:

    Does this mean their customer service will improve, now?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    Has anybody bothered comparing Verizon vs ATT customer service? I imagine a lot of people don’t have experience with both, so let me clear things up. Verizon seems to employ caring and intelligent-sounding individuals to handle their call centers. ATT seems to employ anybody who wants the job. Not that ATT CSR’s are bad people or stupid, by any means, but by way of comparison I have met more nice and helpful people through Verizon than I have ATT.

    Not that anyone cared.

  3. azntg says:

    I think people who actually wrote directly to him regarding problems with Cingular generally got a personal response from him.

    42 years, that’s not bad at all.

  4. m0unds says:

    I don’t think that any large telecommunications firm, whether it be Verizon or AT&T is immune to bad customer service. I’ve had poor CS from both companies. I’ve also had good service from both companies.

  5. Antediluvian says:

    I’d say something bad about this, but they’d probably cut off my iPhone service, then bill me $4000 (I don’t live in CA), and arrest me on an airplane.

  6. Major-General says:

    @liquisoft: Really, because I found Verizon to consist of automatons who can’t help you with anything, and seem amazed that you haven’t drunk the kool-aid of Verizon awesomness. Of course, I also have Verizon for home service.

  7. ericphone says:

    42 years, stock man to CEO a true success story in my book.

  8. STrRedWolf says:

    My question is, will he use notecards during the next keynote? ;)

  9. mac-phisto says:

    @liquisoft: i’ve experienced both from a customer perspective & an activation specialist. they both suck.