30 Frugal Gift Ideas

There are times in life when you need to give someone a gift to show you appreciate them and the Starbucks gift card just won’t do.

Over at Zen Habits, Leo has made a list of 30 cheap but nice ways to say thank you to someone.

Here are a few:

Jams and jellies.
Good bread (home-made works great).
Books (my favorite).
A blank recipe book … write some of your favorite recipes on the first few pages.
A keepsake DVD with a video of special moments, edited (and captioned) by you. A slideshow presentation with music burned on a DVD works too.
Create your own art (and put it on nice stationary or in a frame). By “art”, I mean a sketch, painting, poem, short story, whatever.
Scented candles.

What sort of gifts do you whip up for these occasions? We tend to make chocolate chip cookies. Let’s fill the comments with ideas.

30 Frugal Gift Ideas to Show You Appreciate Someone [ZenHabits]

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