Trumps Other Flight Status Services is the best flight status service, WSJ reports. In a test of several different sites and services, WSJ gave “excellent” marks to FlightStats for giving out lots of different updates and for telling when flights actually arrive and depart. Sites FlightView, FlyteComm, FlightArrivals, FlightAware, and FlightExplorer all missed crucial pieces of information in the test, while the airline’s services often gave too few updates (though Delta was rated “very good.”) If you, understandably, don’t trust the airline and need to know where an airplane really is, advertising-supported is the place to go.

Some Flight-Status Alerts Aren’t So Alert [WSJ]


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  1. wonderlic says:

    A word of caution – check the “official” site for the time when you should be at the airport. As a long time flightstats user I’ve gotten in trouble shoing up later for a plane I know is delayed, only to find I just missed getting bumped becasue the airline was sticking to the scheduled time and closing the flight in line with the scheduled time, even though they and the FAA’s computers (that flightstats accesses) know the flight’s not taking off on time.

  2. JustAGuy2 says:

    Flightstats really is a wonderful website – you can get data on the historical on-time performance of a particular flight, or on particular routes, get airport ground hold info, etc. If you’re a data geek, it’s great.