Possible Credit Card Scam Alert: We'll Lower Your Rates, Purrs Robot Message…

UPDATE: “VersaDebt” Company Behind Rate Lowering Robot Calls?

What might be a new credit card ripoff scam is affecting people across the country. It starts off with a recorded voice from telling you how you can get your credit card APR lowered just by pressing 0 and speaking to an operator. When you reach them, they say something like, “Great, and what is the credit card number you want the rate lowered on?” When pressed for their identity, the “operator” hangs up. The Caller-ID lists the number as “Unknown.” At least two of our readers have reported receiving a call like this, and we ourselves got one as well. It certainly sounds like some kind of credit card scam operation. At the very least, they’re ignoring the Do-Not-Call List. Anyone else got one of these?

(Photo: Table Of Malcontents)

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