Another Good Reason To Hate The "Life Takes Visa" Campaign

Credit Slips points out another reason we loathe the Life Takes Visa campaign. You know, the one where everyone moves in blissful synchronicity, swiping their debit cards for small items, then the party stops and everyone glowers at the tardbucket who pays for stuff with cash.

Out the side of one face, Credit Slips writes, the credit card industry tells Washington that consumers, “make bad decisions that leave them financially overextended. Nothing should be done for these consumers because they are nothing more than the victims of circumstances of their own making.”

Then out the other face the credit card companies turn around with campaigns like Life Only Takes Visa that seek to perpetuate and extend, “the free-wheeling, mindless use of credit cards that the industry so often decries.”

Disconnect much?

Life Only Takes Visa, You Losers [Credit Slips]
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