iPod Lights Your Pants On Fire, Not In A Good Way

“So I look down and I see flames coming up to my chest,” said Danny Williams. His iPod Nano, and subsequently, his pants, were on fire.

Worse, he was in an airport. “If TSA had come by and seen me smoking, they could have honestly thought I was a terrorist,” said Williams. That would have been bad.

Apple is willing to replace the device, but William’s mom called the media because she was concerned about other people’s pants lighting on fire. We can understand that. The Nano is powered by the notoriously fire-prone lithium-ion type of battery, says WSB news.

WSB in Atlanta called Apple to see how common the problem was:

After Channel 2 sent Apple pictures of the iPod, they called back but they refused to say how common the problem is. In fact, Apple refused to talk about this particular incident at all. “

Man’s Pants Catch Fire At Airport [WSB] (Thanks, Aaron!)

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