Sting Op Of 10 Different Computer Repair Companies Finds 70% Don't Know What They're Doing

CBC Marketplace did a kickass hidden camera investigation into computer repair companies and found only 30% were able to correctly diagnose their problem.

One guy tells them they need to send their computer to a special dust-free room to retrieve the data, which would cost about $2,000. He even copies pictures from the customer’s hard drive to his computer, promising he’ll delete them later. Geek Squad makes an appearance and they don’t do a very good job either, although the Geek’s hair is admirably coiffed.

Marketplace’s advice is to search online for tech help and fix it yourself, backup your data, keep virus and spyware up to date, and if you do go with a tech repair outfit, get referrals from friends and get multiple quotes from different vendors.

And if you like their video, you should check out ours from when we actually caught a Geek Squad tech on-camera stealing porn from our computer.

Getting Gouged By Geeks [CBC Marketplace] (Thanks to The Savvy Boomer!)