Florida City Considers A Ban On Anything Made In China

Palm Bay, Florida is irritated with China. They’re considering a ban that would prevent the city from buying anything made in China…. with a few exceptions:

The ordinance would prevent the city from buying any items costing more than $50 that are manufactured or assembled in China or that contain more than 50 percent components from China. Exceptions are for emergency purchases, if the item is not available otherwise or if the cost is more than 150 percent higher.

The ordinance was proposed by Mayor John Mazziotti. “We are losing jobs left and right to them,” Mazziotti said.

The ordinance explains that Chinese products hurt the American economy and “there is a complete lack of environmental, health and safety standards in product manufacturing in China.”

Palm City, Florida must be a lovely place to live with no real problems for the mayor to solve. We should all move there.

Palm Bay considers ban on China goods [Florida Today via Fark]

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