The NFL Accuses Cable Companies Of "Curbing Competition"

Reader Sean forwarded the following email from the NFL, along with a note:

Hi guys,

Longtime reader of the site. Not sure how you see this email, but I find it to be insulting to my intelligence.

The NFL telling me I’m being held hostage by someone else, when in fact they are holding me hostage by not allowing me to buy the NFL Sunday ticket without switching to satellite.

The irony is, er, ironic!


As much as we love the NFL (and let’s face it, we are obsessed with it), between the NFL network debacle and the Sunday Ticket Monopoly…. ugh! NFL, we love you, please fix this crap so we don’t have to write about it anymore.

(For a refresher on the NFL vs Cable issue, click here. Long story short: NFL wants to charge cable companies to carry the channel for all of their subscribers. Cable companies refuse to raise their rates for an unpopular niche channel that only nerds like us watch (all hometeam broadcasts will still be available to local fans who don’t have cable,) so they’ve moved the package to a “sports tier.” )

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