Thomas & Friends Customers Sent Lead Tainted Toys As Apology For Lead Tainted Toys

If you returned a recalled Thomas & Friends toy to RC2, you probably received an apology and a “bonus gift.” We hope you didn’t give the toy to your kid, because some of the “bonus gifts” have been recalled for lead contamination.

RC2 sent an email out to customers who received the lead tainted apology toy:

Unfortunately, the discovery that certain Toad vehicles could be potentially unsafe was made in August, after Toads had been sent as bonus gifts to some families. Many of the Toad bonus gifts are safe, however some may not be. If you received a Toad vehicle as a bonus gift from us, please check its underside for the tracking code 1656OW00 to determine if it is one of the recalled toys.

That’s pathetic. Maybe the apology toys for these ones will contain polio.

(Thanks, rwshep2000!)

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