First Class Now Includes A Private Cabin?

Nowadays it isn’t enough for first-class passengers to separate themselves from coach, they need to hide from each other.

Introducing individual private first-class cabins!

From ABC News:

“The first-class cabin should be designed like a private jet,” said Tim Clark, president of Dubai-based Emirates. The airline plans to spend about $10 million a plane to reconfigure the interiors of its 100 long-haul jets.

The first-class minisuites, in honey walnut and leather, have a door that can be closed for complete privacy, creating a small room. The suite includes a wide, flat seat that becomes a bed longer than six feet and includes a massage function. The entertainment system is shown on a 23-inch flat screen. There’s a minibar, basket of snacks, a vanity mirror and an extensive gourmet menu; the food is served on demand, whether it is caviar, steak or lobster.

“It’s a cabin within a cabin,” said Clark. “First-class passengers should have control over their own environment.”

Hey, it only costs $12,000!

Your Own Private Room … at 40,000 Feet [ABC News]

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