AT&T Promises To Not Terminate Your Service For Criticizing Them

Yesterday we posted about how the AT&T DSL Terms of Service contain a clause that says AT&T can cancel your service if you “damage” their “reputation.” Today, AT&T PR bots reached out to some sites to say they would only do it if you were promoting violence or peddling child porn. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s in writing. What’s in writing is the nebulous “damage” of their “reputation.” So, AT&T subscribers, feel free to criticize away, until they change their mind.

AT&T vows to use Terms of Service for good, not censorship [Ars Technica via BoingBoing]
PREVIOUSLY: AT&T And Verizon Can Cancel Service Of Subscribers Who “Damage” Their “Reputation”
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  1. Geekybiker says:

    Never trust anything not in writing.

  2. liquisoft says:


  3. The image is so insane…it is making my brain bleed.

  4. Mr. Gunn says:

    As they said on BoingBoing, don’t believe anything unless they put it in writing.

  5. humphrmi says:

    Exactly, they promise not to do it, until they do it, then they’ll say “you shoulda read your contract”. F them, they can keep their ten dollar cheap-ass internet service.

  6. ViperBorg says:

    Fuck AT&T. Get cable internet + proxy. xD

  7. Consumerist Moderator - ACAMBRAS says:


    Ugh, but then I’d have to deal with Comcast. :-(

  8. EtherealStrife says:

    AT&T DSL is a POS. I’ve had it since it wa

  9. Parting says:

    If AT&T terminated everybody that criticize the company, they wouln’t be in business today.

  10. royal72 says:

    dear at&t,

    you are monoplositic piece of shit. you couldn’t care about anything, but raping anyone and everyone for a nickel. please, please cancel me for talking shit about your cunt pump company… ah fuck, that’s right i forgot, i canceled your shit service quite some time ago and will never, ever, ever use your service if it’s the last one on earth. best of luck on being the big piece of shit you are.

    enjoy your time in hell,


  11. ElizabethD says:

    I don’t have AT&T, but I do love all these Vader posts.

  12. Daniel @ says:

    … AT&T,
    … you suck.

  13. CurbRunner says:

    Unfortunately, At&T are the same assholes that helped the NSA hook up to unwarranted wiretaps of any phone they felt like listening to.
    I don’t trust them past the first letter of the alphabet.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    And it makes no sense. A pedo hosting a site with nakkid Olsen twins (what have you) wouldn’t damage AT&T’s rep. Ever.

    For instance, anyone remember any ISP that hosted any pedo site? Of course not. Since they all yank them down as soon as they discover them, as they should.

    More likely, it sounds like they got caught, chose the most likely boogyman excuse (For The CHILDREN!!), hoping no one would notice it makes no sense.

    Too bad we’re smarter than dumb AT&T PR guys.

  15. lemur says:

    AT&T’s claim that they won’t abuse their censorship clause while keeping the text of the clause as it is really is part of a strategy regarding how service and retail contracts are written.

    The general idea is to write a contract that explicitly gives powers to the provider of the service or the goods while a the same time the provider verbally agrees that the clause won’t apply to the client. Another closely associated technique is to keep the language of a clause vague enough so that application of the clause depends solely on the whim of the provider. Comcast is a good example of that second technique: their ToS is written so vaguely that if they really wanted to, they could deny service to someone who uses email to provide a service. (The language of the ToS mentions nothing about bandwidth so it does not matter if the user sends 10 mails a week or 100,000 mails a day.)

    The common factor in both cases is that the provider has given itself powers it can apply very arbitrarily. As long as they like you, they’ll keep you as a customer but as soon as you do something disadvantageous to them, you’re screwed.

  16. Beerad says:

    Yeah, it’s totally irksome corporate BS. The next time there’s some dispute over my cellphone contract, I’ll just tell them “oh, I know the contract SAYS that, but that’s not really what it means…” We’ll see how far that gets me; perhaps the CSR will die of laughing too hard.