Surprise: Grocery Store Loyalty Cards Really Do Help People Return Lost Keys

The Colombus Dispatch informs us that Kroger loyalty cards do, in fact, help people find lost keys.

The U.S. Postal Service delivers about 100 sets of lost keys each week to the Great Lakes region Kroger headquarters in Westerville, which covers most of Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia. Kroger employees look up customers’ addresses and ship the keys and any attachments to their homes, often to very surprised owners.

“You just sent me a set of keys that I had already written off as gone forever,” one wrote. “You people are GREAT! The gesture was just as valuable as the keys you sent back to me!”

The key-return perk, touted when store discount cards first became popular about seven years ago at all types of retailers, has been wildly successful. Local postal carriers find six to 15 sets of keys a week in mailboxes, said Ray Jacobs of the Postal Service in Columbus.

“Any time there’s a big event Downtown, we end up with a bunch of them,” he said.

Aw. That’s nice. We always wondered if those things actually worked, but were unwilling to lose our keys just to find out. Now we know.

In other news, here’s the Weinermobile again. It’s following us.

Loyalty cards save another thing: lost keys [Columbus Dispatch]

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