Neighbors Complain Of "Unbearable Stench" Coming From Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant

Can having a “nice” restaurant in the neighborhood ruin your property values?

Neighbors of Gordon Ramsay’s New York restaurant say there is a “stench” coming from the place that is “unbearable.”

From the Daily Mail:

Residents in an elegant apartment block have complained to health inspectors about the stench of duck and bacon from a giant extractor fan.

They are also furious about noise from the fan and an airconditioning unit in the kitchen.

The racket it makes has been measured at 57 decibels, they say – above the limit for local events such as rock concerts.

They claim the row is ruining their sleep and hitting home values.

A single restaurant is doing all of this? Apparently.

“The fan is this giant contraption that looks like a praying mantis, almost two storeys tall, and the smells from it at times are horrifying.

“First thing in the morning on the weekend the smell of bacon permeates the air and we can’t open our windows.

“It also is particularly intolerable when they are preparing duck at 3am. His air-conditioning unit sounds like you are riding in the back of a plane, and it can be on 24/7.

“We had one person who moved out and sold his apartment. “

The chef at the restaurant told the Daily Mail that they were unaware of any complaints. Anyone smelled this place? Who knew that the NYC housing bubble would be burst by a stinky restaurant. Complaining about a smell in NYC is like complaining about sand in the desert.

New York neighbours say the stench from Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant is unbearable [Daily News]

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