Not Everyone Loves Vista, XP To Remain Available Until June, 2008

It seems people aren’t taking to Vista as quickly as Microsoft would have liked. The result? XP will remain available through June 30, 2008.

Good news for all the readers who’ve been complaining about the general lack of XP availability. Though we were unable to copies conjure XP out of thin air, it does seem that rumble from the XP faithful is getting louder.
From Ars:

In many ways, the success of Windows XP is also working against Microsoft. At this point, Windows XP SP2 is a very stable OS with known security strengths and weaknesses. In comparison, Vista is still an unknown quantity in some enterprise settings. Windows XP will also run well on older hardware. Myths that Vista needs high-end hardware to run adequately do not help Microsoft’s cause, either.

Microsoft is now saying they were “little ambitious” in giving XP only a year to live.

Amid disappointing Vista uptake, Microsoft relents on XP execution [Ars Technica]

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