Insider Tips For Buying Jewelry

The diamond industry is a big stinking sham, but if you’re stuck in a relationship where you can’t get away with a plastic spider ring for a gift—well, first of all, we feel sorry for you, but second of all, here are some great tips to help you save money when jewelry shopping.

If you’re already shopping for a ring, you probably already know about the “Four C’s”—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. But to get the most bang for your buck, remember that it’s the cut of the stone, not the clarity, that determines how much it sparkles. Also, if you want a small stone to look larger, go for cuts other than round. If the stone has a yellowish tint and you want to make it look whiter, set it in yellow gold.

Read the full article for more information, including how to shop for platinum and gold, and how to find the best place to shop.

“Experts Reveal Jewelry Shopping Secrets” [NBC11]
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