Disney To Discontinue Cellphone Service

Disney, like ESPN before it, has had enough of the “hypercompetative” cellphone market and is bowing out.

Disney’s service allowed parents to monitor their children’s cellphone use as well as use GPS to locate said children.

Refunds will be available according to the Disney Mobile website:

In recognition of any inconvenience this may cause you, Disney Mobile will be providing a reimbursement program covering handsets as well as accessories and content purchased directly through Disney Mobile (please note: reimbursements will be processed upon final receipt of full payment and termination of your account). Complete details surrounding this reimbursement program will be communicated via this web site by October 8, 2007.

You will continue to be billed for service through December 31, 2007, unless you call Guest Services to terminate prior to that date. Disney Mobile will waive early termination fees provided your account is paid in full.

If you have one of these numbers and would like to port it, here’s some information on number portability.Just like the (Disney owned) ill-fated ESPN cellphone service, Disney Mobile rented space on Sprint’s network.



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  1. davere says:

    I’m not sure about ESPN’s service but I remember looking at their service and thinking:

    – This is only good if you have kids and want to control their usage. Don’t underestimate every day adult Disney fans who would like a Disney themed cell service “experience.”

    – Expensive!

  2. ViperBorg says:

    Did this really come as a surprise? Anyone? Anyone?

  3. Caroofikus says:

    Disney had cell service???

  4. alk509 says:


  5. Namilia says:

    lols. Disney had cell service..?

  6. aro says:

    Disney Cellular had terrible service. Every time I would call Mikey his phone would be breaking up like crazy!

  7. Employees Must Wash Hands says:

    I certainly have to give them props for providing some kind of reimbursement for people who put out money on phones and accessories, and for letting you print a postage-free label off their website for sending the phone back for recycling.

  8. FLConsumer says:

    That was my thought too — Disney had a cell service? Who did they piggyback off of, Verizon, like everyone else did?