Sang Froid Goes Far With Executive Customer Service

Commenter Stinkycat pointed out a very useful tactic for when you are dealing with executive customer service. As in, when you call the office of CEO or VP so and so and are trying to massage a solution out of the company.

b. speak to the assistant as if you were representing yourself in a third party business transaction not as if you are the one who was actually slighted.

Yes! Exactly. Nothing throws them off more than being completely polite and dispassionate. For more good tips, check out Stinkycat’s comment in full.


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  1. Rando says:

    Actually the last thing any rep wants to hear is that you own/run your own business. It’s repetitive and gets annoying. We don’t care.

  2. MameDennis says:

    Yeah, it does not help. There’s a guy who calls us to complain who always starts out his rants with “I’m a multi-millionaire businessman…”

    Rather than making us overawed, this makes us barely able to control the giggles. (Especially since he has no business relationship with us–he just calls to complain on principle. Some people really need to find better hobbies.)

  3. @RandoTheKing & @MameDennis: What you’re describing isn’t what Stinkycat is talking about. In the examples you gave the call is still presenting themselves as the person who was slighted. Stinkycat was saying you should pretend to represent the person who was slighted.

  4. Phantom_Photon says:

    I can see why you two are in Customer Service for a profession.

    “representing yourself in a third party business transaction”

    This does not mean calling up and claiming to be your own business or claiming your business is larger than it really is. It means speaking in the third person as if you were representing yourself as a third party.


    1st Person – “Hi, I’m calling because I’m having a problem with my account.”

    3rd Person – “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Smith who is having a problem with his account.”

    and it does work well, I often have my my office assistant do this for me, but you could easily do it yourself.

  5. boingystar says:

    Phantom_photon, I’m sure insulting the profession is not the way to getting good customer service. If you and Rectilinear will RTFcomment, it does advocate mentioning your own small business.