Philadelphia Mayor Cracks Down On Tax Evaders, Finds Out He Is One

Philadelphia’s mayor, John Street, also known as the “iPhone Mayor,” (because he camped out for an iPhone) told Philadelphia he was cracking down on tax scofflaws… only to find out that he is one.

From KYW:

About three weeks ago Mayor Street announced an aggressive effort to reclaim one-third of the $700 million that the city is owed in back property taxes:

“If the taxes are delinquent, you will have to pay.”

A local newspaper did some digging and found that among those who owe money is John Franklin Street, our mayor. The Philadelphia Daily News found that he had not paid taxes on two of his four North Philadelphia properties since 2003, and owed $4,800.

The mayor’s spokesman, Joe Grace, says after the newspaper called, Street wrote a check:

“As soon as it came to the mayor’s attention, the mayor immediately issued a check for $4,798 to pay those tax bills in full.”

Street says the bills were going to the wrong address and is now asking Philadelphia residents to please provide accurate addresses to the Revenue Department by calling 215-686-6442.

We don’t mean to be unkind or anything, but Mayor Street seems like a bit of a dumbass.

Whoops, Says Mayor, After Being Tagged as Tax Scofflaw
[KYW via TaxProfBlog]

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