Guess Who's Not Getting Anything From The TJ Maxx Settlement? You! has read the fine print and they say you’re probably out of luck when it comes to the TJ Maxx Settlement:

So, it is primarily shoppers who returned goods without a receipt during the relevant period who qualify for that part of the settlement. That amounts to some 455,000 people, a mere 1% of the total number possibly affected. These people have already received a direct notification of the breach from TJX, and will also be entitled to other compensation if they experienced actual losses.

For everybody else who made a purchase at a TJX store by check, credit or debit card between certain dates, and who suffered more than a $5 loss as a result of the breach, you will be entitled to $30 to $60 in merchandise credit depending on the level of proof you have. Despite the large number of card numbers stolen, it appears that very few people actually became victims of id theft. That may best explain why most of the 45 million cardholders will not be entitled to compensation.

We thought the deal sounded pretty crappy when we read the AP report. Nice to have it confirmed. Thanks, Mouseprint!

TJX Settlement: You’ll Probably Get Nothing [Mouseprint]
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