Fake Credit Card App Booths: An Extremely Unlikely Identity Theft Scenario

Jumping on the identity theft scare bandwagon, The Today Show demonstrated how thieves could successfully steal your personal information by making a fake credit card application booth. They made up a bank, had a printed sign, an electronic kiosk, a folding table, table cloth, and reasonably attractive blonde girl, and got people to input their name, address, social security number, etc, in exchange for a $5 coupon. We’ve never heard of this method being used to perpetuate an identity theft scam, perhaps because it’s retarded.

It requires:

  • High cost/barrier of entry for would-be thieves
  • Lack of concern for low reward relative to risk
  • Extended face-to-face contact with victims
  • Extended public display
  • Getting official permits (they did it outside a student union and inside a mall)
  • Technical aptitude to program kiosk

Do identity thieves use fake credit card apps? Sure, but not with this degree of razzle dazzle. Let’s focus on warning consumers about scams that actually exist in reality, thanks.