Vosges makes a chocolate bar with actual bacon in it, while a mom & pop company offers powdered peanut butter that you can add to anything you like (and has 75% less fat than regular peanut butter). [Washington Post]


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  1. UpsetPanda says:

    1) Is it chocolatey bacon or bacony chocolate? Either way, ew. Is Hershey’s pushing to redefine “chocolate” to include pork fat too?

    2) 75% less fat than regular peanut butter. Just eat less peanut butter. This isn’t worth it.

  2. atalantapendragonne says:

    Hah, I just bought a bar of this today! Someone on my Livejournal friendslist mentioned it, so when I was in Whole Foods this morning I picked up a bar out of curiosity. I actually tasted it right before seeing this post.

    It’s tasty in a manner similar to chocolate covered pretzels, that same sweet/salty/crunchy combination. But at $7 a bar, I’m unlikely to get it again, the only reason I spend so much on it once was just needing to try something so unusual. If it cost half that, I might get it as a once-in-a-great-while indulgence.

  3. Adam291 says:

    I can’t tell if this is worse than those Jimmy Dean frozen chocolate chip pancake-wrapped-sausages-on-a-stick.

    America is sure one weird place.

  4. ElizabethD says:

    Errr, gag me.

  5. lestat730 says:

    So there are people like there that enjoy the taste of chocolate mixed with bacon… whatever that actually does taste like? Eww.

  6. TechnoDestructo says:

    That powdered peanut butter sounds like it could be really useful. Adding regular peanut butter to a lot of things changes the texture too much to use the same baking time and temperatures and still get an acceptable result.

  7. lestat730 says:

    wow I dont know what I was trying to type there. Probably something like

    So there are actually people out there that enjoy the taste of chocolate mixed with bacon. I can’t imagine the taste of that combo.. eww.

  8. @atalantapendragonne: I’ve been a (mild) vegetarian for 7+ years now, and I don’t know why, but the combo of bacon, salt and chocolate has captivated me. I’m obsessing over this and may even try it out the next time I’m near Whole Foods. Pigs be damned!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is one of those things that sounds so gross it has to taste better than you think it does. I has one the other day and I got to say it was pretty good. I couldn’t eat the whole thing at once and they are freaking pricey but it was pretty tasty!

  10. jstruan says:

    Vosges is a triumph of advertising. Their catalogs make everything sound unusual and great. Too bad their chocolate tastes TERRIBLE.

  11. Jon Parker says:

    A friend ot one for his birthday and hated it. I haven’t tried it.

    However, bacon salt is supposed to be really good: [baconsalt.com]

  12. Tank says:

    just 2 days ago i found a recipe for bacon brittle – crumbled fried crispy bacon, surrounded by sweet homemade crunchy toffee. this confirms it, bacon combined with sugar is the new black.

  13. EggGoBoom says:

    Even though bacon is the 5th Fundamental Force holding the universe together, this was an abomination. I thought that the smoky, saltiness of bacon would match well with the creamy sweetness of chocolate, but…

    I bought a bar at Whole Foods in San Antonio.

    Imagine Bac-O’s covered in dark chocolate, stored for 6 months in a hot warehouse. Eww. The word rancid came to mind.

  14. HungryGrrl says:

    @Tank: It sounds a lot like the common practice of dipping one’s breakfast bacon into the the puddle of syrup left on one’s plate from the pancakes.

    I think it’s less weird than putting jelly on eggs. That is one thing that will always repulse me. JELLY? ON SCRAMBLED EGGS?

  15. bifyu says:

    Reminiscent of chocolate dipped ika. Not bad, actually if you’re the type to not be freaked by tentacled edibles.