Top 10 Worst, Hidden, Airline Fees

Airfarewatchdog released a list of the Top Ten Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees. We love:

6. Getting a refund when a fare goes down

Fee: $25 to $200 or more.

If you bought a TV from Costco or BestBuy and they lowered the price the following week, chances are you could get a refund no questions asked….But most airlines either will refund nothing…or they’ll charge an “administrative fee” of up to $100 on a domestic ticket, and even more on an international one. What justifies this? Does it actually cost them $100 to spend a few minutes to rewrite your electronic ticket?

Wanna pricemath? Yeah, that’ll cost ya. What’s your favorite hidden airline fee?

Top Ten Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees [The Airfarewatchdog Blog]
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