Top 10 Worst, Hidden, Airline Fees

Airfarewatchdog released a list of the Top Ten Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees. We love:

6. Getting a refund when a fare goes down

Fee: $25 to $200 or more.

If you bought a TV from Costco or BestBuy and they lowered the price the following week, chances are you could get a refund no questions asked….But most airlines either will refund nothing…or they’ll charge an “administrative fee” of up to $100 on a domestic ticket, and even more on an international one. What justifies this? Does it actually cost them $100 to spend a few minutes to rewrite your electronic ticket?

Wanna pricemath? Yeah, that’ll cost ya. What’s your favorite hidden airline fee?

Top Ten Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees [The Airfarewatchdog Blog]
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  1. not_seth_brundle says:

    Uh, that’s not a fee. That’s a partial refund that they are not obligated to give you in the first place (notwithstanding what Best Buy or Costco’s policies are, which has nothing to do with this).

  2. karimagon says:

    This is an entirely different matter than buying a TV at Best Buy. The airline is not selling you a physical product, they are selling you a service of transportation to a specific place at a specific time. If you cancel, they have an empty seat that, depending on when you cancel, they may not be able to resell. And to be profitable, the airline has to fill the plane as much as possible.

  3. Roundonbothends says:

    Well, they are selling you a service that will start somewhere around a specific time and maybe at a specific gate that may or may not transport you to the place you desired in any sort of time that works. What they are selling and what you actually get may not be very similar.

    So the service is nebulous, but the fee structure is not.

  4. phripley says:

    This one’s on the list but I thought I’d share my details.

    We have a 9 lb dog and fly Continental with her to see family a couple times a year.

    When we got her (almost 3 years ago), there was a $25 fee to bring her on board each way — and sometimes they didn’t even collect it. Then it went up to $40. Now it is $90 each way. Getting cheaper to board her than to bring her. And does she even get a dog biscuit? Not a chance.

  5. JintsFan says:

    One pet-peeve of mine is that the airline industry collects all sorts of taxes (>$10 per ticket), but won’t refund them on a non-refundable ticket. So, they collect a tax, but don’t pay it – I don’t get how that is even legal.

  6. abigsmurf says:

    ‘8. Paying for lap children’

    The kid still has to be checked in which costs the airline. If the airline doesn’t charge for food or drink he’ll cost them more. Then there’s any extra attention the stewards may have to pay to the kid, the use of nappy changing facilities and the fact that having a kid on a lap is rarely pleasent for the person sitting next to him.