DirecTV Calls Customer On Do-Not-Call List To Ask If They Want To Hear A Sales Pitch Anyway

My phone just rang. Caller ID reads: Out Of Area… do I pick up? I did.

It was an automated DirecTv call. “You have asked us not to call you. Because you are on our Do Not Call List, we can’t call you with all of our super-awesome special promotions…” The recording goes on to ask me to hit a button to opt-out of their Do Not Call List.

Dear sir. I say what the fuck? I specifically told them not to call so they call to see if its okay to call. They can contact me. They have my email/physical address. And what’s up with the “Out Of Area” bullshit on Caller ID instead of “DirecTv Marketing”.

Yeah, this isn’t a huge ordeal but it is really annoying.

Couldn’t this also be considered telemarketing? They’re pitching the pitch. Do the Federal rules enforcing the Do-Not-Call list not apply to robots? Nina says she then called DirecTV and gave them a thorough tongue-lashing. Unfortunately, this may have no effect on whether she gets one of these calls again, as robots have no shame.

DirecTV has a history of telemarketing to subscribers on the Do-Not-Call list, for which it paid a $5.3 million fine in 2005. Guess it didn’t make enough of an impression.