TypoTrawler Finds Misspelled eBay Deals

TypoTrawler scans eBay looking for misspellings. Savvy eBay shoppers know that misspelled listings result in fewer bidders, because they’re harder to find, so they offer the opportunity for getting a lower final auction price and/or making the item easier to win. You can select which categories you want to view and you can vote on which items are really misspelled or not, as well as click through to the eBay page.

They really need some kind of search function to make the service really useful but TypoTrawler, currently in Beta, looks like a cool site to keep an eye on for future developments. [TypoTrawler via Mighty Bargain Hunter]


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  1. DarthSensei says:

    This isn’t a new thing. Many sites have done this for a long time. Also, since ebay assists you in your listings with look ups, mis-spellings are much less common than they used to be.

  2. not_seth_brundle says:

    Actually, savvy eBay shoppers know that misspelled listings don’t always result in a good deal, and will compare prices between misspelled and correctly-spelled listings. Sometimes listings with typos actually sell for more, either because typo hunters think they’re getting a good deal, or because so many bad spellers are finding the listings. Think about it: If sellers are misspelling or mistyping words accidentally, buyers are probably doing this doubly so (because buyers take less time to proofread).

  3. hapless says:

    There’s already a service like this that permits searching, “Fat Fingers.” URL below.


  4. mopar_man says:


    I agree. Back in the early days of eBay when items were a great deal, misspelled items were an even better deal. Now that more and more people are using eBay and people are getting dumber because of the internet, those deals aren’t so good anymore.

  5. timmus says:

    The front page looks to have a good comment by mopar_man but all I see is 2 comments here. The commenting system is acting flaky again.

  6. BoorRichard says:

    The notion that you can get “deals” on ebay by scouring for typos is suspect. (1) You don’t want to buy from sellers who do not know their product well. (2) Many ebay shoppers look by category, so the mispellings are not overlooked. (3) Some sellers do this on purpose. It’s the old “horse swap.” They act ignorant hoping to prey on buyers who take that faux ignorance as cause for enthusiasm and confidence.

    The way to get deals on ebay is to know exactly what you want, and to know who you are dealing with in the transaction.

  7. Greeper says:

    I bought a brand new SubZero refrigerator for $1800 (others were going for around 4500) by searching “refridgerator.”

  8. RandomHookup says:

    I’m looking forward to enjoying my “Onega” watch.

    What do you mean, it wasn’t a typo?

  9. kidgenius says:


    Here’s a story about how misspelling can cost you quite a bit.