Ask for Something You Don't Want, Then "Give" On It

Free Money Finance shares a classic negotiation strategy. Ask for something you don’t care about along with the list of things you do care about. When the other party counteroffers, you can fold on the point you don’t care about while sticking to those you do. Then they feel like you’re meeting them in the middle.

For instance, when buying a home, ask for, “1) Purchase price… 2) A long closing time and 3) Seller paid closing fees Item… Ask for a closing in five months and most sellers sitting on inventory will counter offer 2-3 months. Use this as leverage to keep your position on items #1 and #3 while giving in to #2.”

The same tactic can apply to many kinds of deals.

Great Negotiating Tip: Ask for Something You Don’t Want, Then “Give” On It [Free Money Finance]
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