Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Minors From Using Cellphones While Driving

Sorry, kids. It’s now illegal for you to talk on your cellphones while driving in California. Why? Because you’re bad at it, and let’s face it… you’re not that good at driving in the first place. Sadly for you, it’s much easier to slap a ban on you (rather than your parents) because you don’t vote and you have limited rights. Ha, ha, ha.

Teens cited under SB33, authored by state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, face a fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 each time after that. Officials said traffic officers will not be allowed to pull drivers over simply because of a cell phone infraction, and violations will not count as part of the traffic safety point system. Emergency calls will be exempt.

Fifteen other states and the District of Columbia have similar restrictions on teenage drivers.

Bay Area teenagers interviewed Thursday said they aren’t sure the new regulations are fair.

“That’s insane – it’s madness,” said Cameron Young of San Francisco, who, at 13, has a few years before he can get his license. “No technology? I’m speechless. Not cool, not cool at all.”

Sorry, kids.

Guv signs law banning minors from using cell phones while driving [SFGate]

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