London Councils is considering either banning or placing a tax on plastic shopping bags to help curb landfill waste. They say London is “facing a landfill problem because Londoners annually use 1.6 billion bags, which take 400 years to decompose.” The group is seeking comments from the public through October 26th. [Bloomberg ]

(Photo: Zainub)


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  1. acambras says:

    San Francisco recently did that, right? New Haven is contemplating the same thing.

  2. Keter says:

    It’s nice to get a few plastic bags to reuse as trash can liners. I also directly recycle bags I don’t reuse. But I’m slowly making the switch to reusable bags. IKEA’s $0.59 blue bag: got a couple for big stuff. My neighborhood Super S Foods started selling nice brown polyester bags with plastic bottom liners for 4 for $5 — natch I got 4 and reuse them for grocery shopping. I’m also starting to use nylon “delicate washable” bags for produce. They don’t weigh much, zip closed, can be thrown directly into the veggie bin in the refrigerator, and are completely washable.