Intermatic Replaces Your Functioning Timer Free Of Charge, As A Precautionary Measure

Reader Ryan installed an Intermatic Wall Switch Timer to control the lights on his porch, but was forced to reset the unit when the lights began to flash inexplicably. Ryan called Intermatic to make sure the problem wasn’t indicative of a larger issue that could, say, burn down his house. He was blindsided by Intermatic’s response.

A few months ago I installed a timer on the front porch light at my new home. After looking through many models I found at Home Depot I finally settled on the Intermatic Digital 7-Day Wall Switch Timer SS7C. It worked perfectly for several months. Then, one day, my wife came home to find the front porch light flashing on and off. After pulling the battery and reseting the unit it seemed to work just fine.

When it comes to electricity I’m a careful person. I didn’t want some kind of short occurring and then come home to a smoldering pile of ash where my house used to be. So, I decided to go on the Intermatic website to see if there was some FAQ about our problem. Finding the site not all that easy to get around, I settled on calling their customer service hotline.

After a very short wait a gentleman answered the phone. I described my problem and asked if there was something wrong with the unit. He was knowledgeable about the product and very pleasant to speak with. I told him I managed to get it working again but didn’t want something bad to happen. He suggested that this is sometimes a precursor to the electric motor in the unit failing told me he’d be happy to send an updated model my way via USPS. He required no receipt, no old unit in exchange, just my word that there was a problem and that I had actually purchased one of his products.

“But it’s working,” I said.

“We don’t want you to be without one if it does decide to quit on you. Let me go ahead and send this one out so you won’t be at a loss,” was his reply.

So, now I have two Intermatic timers, both working perfectly, happily installed in my home. And one is a newer model!

Yes, it’s a small victory. But it has sold me on a company I really didn’t even know existed a few months ago.

It is unfortunately rare to hear of companies that take their customer at their word. Intermatic should be proud of their CSR’s eagerness to go the extra mile to keep Ryan happy.


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  1. forrester says:

    we have one of the same switches in our garage controlling our outside lights that was doing the exact same thing.After a battery change all was well. nice to see a positive story instead of all the negatives lately.

  2. catnapped says:

    I have one of those as well–no sign of the motor dying but the clock does seem to run very fast (reset earlier this year and it’s already 10 minutes ahead of real time)

  3. mike1731 says:

    I had an older model installed in my house for around 7 years; it went bad I replaced with a new one. What I really like about Interatic is that their product web site is extremely helpful, and they have wonderful phone support. When I had problems with my older unit and couldn’t follow the instructions, their tech support person spent about 45 minutes talking me through the system until I was under control. Great company, really deserves our support.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    @catnapped: Ugh…I hate the Intermatic mechanical timers. Noisy and failure prone. Their electronic stuff seems to be a bit better, ‘though I’ve resorted to using older programmable thermostats w/relays or contactors to control things I normally would control with one of the Intermatic timers (pool pumps, water heaters, etc.)

    For everything else, there’s SmartHome’s Insteon products. Nothing like being able to turn your lights on/off from anywhere in the world.

    Still, kudos to Intermatic for good service and not blaming the customer for their infallible product acting up.

  5. Rahnee says:

    we have several Intermatic timers in our house. Both digital and mechanical. They are great products!

  6. shadowkahn says:

    PIAA lighting corporation does the same thing. You call ’em and tell them what’s broken and they’ll send you a replacement, free, no questions asked. Their driving lights are *expensive* ($200 minimum) but they’re the only ones I’ll buy.

  7. lalahsghost says:

    Marineland/Tetra is the same exact way. A component in a newly bought fish filter was broken, and I called them to ask where I could purchase a new piece… They stopped me right there, asked my address and sent it to me for free. I was impressed.

  8. Caroofikus says:

    I have some bad light controls at my home. After this story, I’m switching all of them to Intermatic.