Good Laptop Bags For Guys

Buying a decent bag for your laptop can turn into an epic quest if you’re at all picky—there are a hundred bulky or badly built bags our there, and some flat-out ugly ones that look like they were designed by camels. A member of Ask Metafilter posted the following request earlier today: “I need a bag for a man with a computer.” His qualifications included that it should be padded, stylish, affordable, and not too bulky.

Some of the suggestions offered so far include:

Ours is made by Australian company STM, and while it does have one big design flaw (a huge front flap that makes one-handed operation difficult), it was affordable, padded, and small, and we like it.

What’s your choice for a decent, affordable, padded laptop bag?

“I’m a boy. I need a bag. Does that make me a bag boy?” [Ask Metafilter]
(Photo: S Baker)

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