Don't Like RFID In Your Credit Card? Ask 'Em To Turn It Off

While the danger of someone long-distance slurping the account information communicating out the RFID chips being increasingly embedded in credit cards is, for the time being, remote, reader Eyebrows McGee reports success in asking AmEx to turn it off…

I told the representative that I didn’t like RFID as a consumer or a citizen and I worried about the potential privacy issues and was it possible to get a card without RFID on it? She said what she could do for me was disable the RFID function at AmEx’s end. (She did not actually answer me about whether non-RFID cards are available.) So I had her disable the ExpressPay function, which took about two minutes on hold (for which she apologized).

No word to as to whether this works for other companies. Hardware based solutions for the same include foil and Dremel.

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