6 Signs Of Telemarketing Fraud

Besides being annoying and disruptive, some telemarketers are outright crooks, trying to swindle the unaware out of their hard-earned money. Via Fraud.org, here are six tell-tale conversation flags that indicate you’re dealing with a telephonic scam artist:

  • Promising that you can win money, make money, or borrow money easily
  • Demanding that you act immediately or else miss out on this great opportunity
  • Refusing to send written information prior to your purchase or donation
  • Trying to scare you into buying something
  • Insisting you wire money or a courier will come by to pick up your payment
  • Refusing to stop calling after you ask them to stop.

The best defense against telemarketing fraud? Hanging up. Go ahead, needn’t be rude. “No thanks, goodbye.” CLICK.

Five Steps to Help Seniors Targeted by Telemarketing Fraud [Fraud.org]
(photo: jpghouse)

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