4-Year-Old Leaps From Moving Car After It Was Repo'd With Him In It

We checked but couldn’t find a clause in the Fair Debt Collection Practices act that dealt with the legal implications of repossessing a SUV with a 4-year-old child inside of it, but we’re fairly sure it’s not really allowed.

Select Recovery of Aurora, IL repossessed a Ford Excursion on Thursday, but they didn’t notice 4-year-old Fashawn Parker sitting in the back seat.

“Apparently they had given the vehicle a cursory check,” Dan Ferrelli, an Aurora Police spokesperson, told WBBM. “They looked through the front windows. They didn’t find anything in there and were unaware that the boy was in the back.”

The driver of the car was inside the house picking up another child when the vehicle was repossessed. “He had said that a vehicle he was driving that belonged to one of his relatives was being towed away and that there was a four-year-old boy inside of it,” said Ferrelli.

Luckily, the kid is some sort of crazy action star. When the car slowed down to pass through a construction zone, little Fashawn unlocked the door and jumped out of the moving car.

WBBM says no charges against the Select Recovery are expected. The 4-year-old was treated at the hospital for a few cuts and bruises and released.

According to the FTC’s consumer information about vehicle repossession, some states would consider stealing someone’s 4-year-old, even inadvertantly, a “breach of the peace,” and, if so, the vehicle’s owner may be entitled to compensation.

Boy Jumps From SUV Being Towed
[WBBM via Jalopnik]

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