A reader reports that thanks to a big update over the weekend, customers haven’t been able to connect to Chase services via Quicken, MS Money, or Quickbooks, though web browsers still work. Seamus writes, “The worst part is that only about half of their support staff are even aware of the problem, and no resolution time has been given. Another “upgrade” gone wrong!”


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  1. Squeezer99 says:

    its also broken in Yodlee Moneycenter

  2. Hanke says:

    Well, my MS Money gave me a warning about some changes that would affect the way Money would interact with some banks. I sort of ignored it; but i haven’t seen any problems yet.

  3. oghelpme says:

    It may also be the “on-line” agreement for MS Money 2004 expired last week.



  4. wobudong says:

    I can’t access any bank statements, including the most recent one.