Too Sexy For Southwest Airlines Woman Appears On The Today Show

The woman who was too sexy for Southwest Airlines appeared on the Today Show this morning in the outfit she was wearing on the flight.

It’s just really not offensive at all. Tacky, yes, but white denim isn’t illegal. Neither is flashing a little bit of your underwear as you sit down. Kyla assured Matt Lauer that she had her legs crossed and wasn’t showing off her… you know.

If this outfit is enough to get you a public lecture from a flight attendant we must have missed the part where they constantly publicly humiliate men for rampant exposed butt crack. Does that take place during the safety lecture? We never pay attention.

Southwest gave the Today Show a statement:

“Southwest Airlines was responding to a concern about Ms. Ebbert’s revealing attire on the flight that day. As a compromise, we asked her to adjust her clothing to be less revealing, she complied, and she traveled as scheduled. When a concern is brought to our Employees’ attention, we address that situation directly with the Customer(s) involved in a discreet and professional manner. Fortunately, as an airline that carries approximately 96 million Customers a year, these situations are extremely rare.”

Kyla isn’t happy with that statement and is still looking for an apology.

Thrown off plane for outfit deemed too skimpy [Today Show]


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  1. Maxim spread in 3…2…

  2. Hanke says:


  3. jmuskratt says:

    She objected to being made the center of attention.

    Uh huh….

  4. edebaby says:

    Interesting how she wore the same outfit on the return flight.
    If she was so devastated by the humiliation from the previous encounter, why in the world would she expose herself to additional humiliation.
    Unless, of course, she was not humiliated in the first place…

  5. roche says:

    “Look at me, I’m an attention whore!”

  6. umbriago says:

    “Julia Allison Asks: What About Fashion Makes You Want To Hurl?”

    This. Her.

  7. catchthefever says:

    Uh, that ripped up skirt barely covers her twat. But what I don’t understand… don’t they have doctors where she lives? They have Hooters, but no doctors?

  8. mandarin says:

    She looks ok, not really an offensive outfit.

    The flight attendants must be jealous of her.

  9. anatak says:

    I saw the piece – well the Today Show segment that is. Apparently, there was also some question about what she was or was not wearing under that little nothing she’s almost wearing. Matt didn’t bring that up in the interview though…

  10. ancientsociety says:

    @edebaby: She wasn’t traveling with any luggage, since she was only flying for a dr’s appt.

    …but, you know, if a woman feels humiliated because of her outfit, SHE should be the one to change….*sarcasm off*

  11. Steve518 says:

    I do love how the title of the following post here is “Consider the Taco”.

  12. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Buzz’s girlfriend – WOOF!

  13. FreakyStyley says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: That has to be the funniest thing I’ve read this week. I’m almost in tears.

  14. morganlh85 says:

    That is a whole lot of white for after Labor Day. OFFENSIVE!!!

  15. supra606 says:


  16. faust1200 says:

    The bigger issue: Her face’s effect on the continuing operation of machinery.

  17. snazz says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: will you marry me?

  18. Buran says:

    @morganlh85: Serious question: what’s with the “no white after labor day” thing? I’ve heard it elsewhere too and continue to not get it.

    That said, I don’t see a thing wrong with this outfit. I wouldn’t object to someone getting kicked off who can’t hike up his pants. I’ve seen kids walking around with their pants falling off IN PUBLIC.

  19. LionelEHutz says:

    Must have been a really fugly flight attendant who made the stink.

  20. homerjay says:

    Okay, My only knowlege of this story is this picture and judging by this picture are we sure they wern’t concerned that she was showing too much of her bulge under that skirt?

    I think its a man, baby! She’s uuuuuugly!

    By the way, baby. If you’re gonna bleach your hair, do something about your brows.

  21. DjSnipSnip says:

    I had been told by a AA agent that I wouldn’t board a flight unless I covered up
    my FCUK T-shirt. No had
    complained about it, I had to comply so that I won’t miss my flight. I contacted
    AA and they sent me a generic “AA provides a comfortable environment for their
    customer ..”. I think too many are way too uptight.

  22. SkyeBlue says:

    I didn’t see the interview, but honestly that isn’t a guy dressed up like a woman , is it? Her face just looks sort of manly in the picture.

  23. JanetCarol says:

    It doesn’t matter if it was appropriate or not, this is supposed to be a country where you can wear what the f you want.

    I think it is ridiculous

  24. killavanilla says:

    Tell you what.
    Walk down to your local church wearing a thong and a bra.
    Tell me if this country allows you to wear whatever you want.

  25. Erskine says:



  26. bilge says:

    Another woman who confuses looking nice with looking skanky.

  27. cnc1019 says:

    @supra606: It appears the Ayes have it.

  28. velvetjones says:

    I live in MSP, and get Today an hour later than the east coast. I was watching this segment this morning and almost laughed coffee out of my nose because they had to ‘gray dot’ her choch as she sat down.

  29. snazz says:

    @janetcarol: that is not true. there are plenty of public decency laws that prevent people from being able to wear/dress how they please.

    i think they were overzealous here

  30. 5h17h34d says:

    So now the Airlines are the fashion police? WTF?

    Why are people so concerned about what other people are doing generally?

  31. warf0x0r says:

    I bet she could work for Hollister or Ambercrombie.

  32. Parting says:

    Wonder who could find this outfit offensive?
    It’s so ”Old Navy”, every day I see people dressed like this.
    I’m sure she wasn’t the first customer dressed like this on the plane.
    And traveling, I’ve seen much, much worse.
    (Imagine a 80 year old with a LOT of makeup an playboy branded clothing, bleached hair and revealing cleavage. Ugh.)

  33. dualityshift says:

    her face looks like a well-worn, leather saddlebag.

  34. fashionista says:

    That outfit is so 1992. She should’ve been scolded for wearing it out of the house if nothing else.

  35. DashTheHand says:

    That outfit isn’t too revealing, but it is skanky. Like drunk at a bar, wanna get nailed by a guy in the back room skanky. Pass though, the beak is kinda ‘squawk’.

  36. MissPinkKate says:

    That woman is 23 years old???? SUNBLOCK WOMAN SUNBLOCK.

  37. Hanke says:

    Uh…no one knows what ‘Sunday Best’ means anymore. When they sell whore clothes for 9 year olds, well, our society has gone in the tank.

  38. itmustbeken says:

    “Kyla isn’t happy with that statement and is still looking for an apology. “

    Ok, Kyla I’m sorry that skirt makes you look like a cheap whore.

  39. MoCo says:

    She can sit in my jet anytime she wants.

  40. scoopy says:

    @Hanke: Well said.

  41. scoopy says:

    @dualityshift: These comments are as cruel as they are funny.

  42. kc2idf says:


    If she was so devastated by the humiliation from the previous encounter, why in the world would she expose herself to additional humiliation.
    Unless, of course, she was not humiliated in the first place…

    This was a day trip, hence, no luggage, hence, no change of clothes. This was in the original article, which you can re-read here.

  43. MeOhMy says:

    Are we SURE this is not a clever marketing ploy for Tim Gunn’s new show?

  44. @Buran: “Serious question: what’s with the “no white after labor day” thing?”

    The real reason is that it’s a class-entry thing. It came about in the US when the middle class was expanding and getting wealthier, and it was one of those subtle markers of “good taste” that have no actual purpose except to mark out those “in the know” (usually born to money) from the nouveau riche.

    It’s loosely justified as ensuring that summer fashions are (were) only worn during summer. “Winter white” (a very pale cream) is okay during winter. It’s mostly always applied to shoes and purses more than anything else, and if you’ve ever worn white leather pumps you’ll know they’re an absolute bitch to get clean if you get them the least bit muddy or slushy, which effectively confines them to nice weather during the summer anyway. :)

    Sometimes it’s interpreted as being disrespectful to veterans (which I think is actually a “borrowing” of Canadian customs about green and Remembrance Day). When Fergie visited the US she wore white shoes, after Labor Day, and there was this whole to-do about it, especially because she visited some soldiery thing and people got really wound up about it.

    It’s loosened up a ton, but I still suggest women (in particular) avoid white leather for professional dressing between Labor Day and Memorial Day, because there are plenty of people who still care and on whom this will make a very bad impression. (And generally they’re older so generally in positions of authority over you.) You’re better off mostly avoiding bright-white shirts/sweaters for professional winter wear as well, but then, almost everybody looks better in ivory or cream than bright white, so it’s not really a problem! (And ivory pumps are just way more attractive than white ones, too, even in the dead of summer.)

  45. @Eyebrows McGee: “When Fergie visited the US”*

    *Ages and ages ago, before the separation and divorce. I think it was her first visit here as a member of the royal family. Before spokesmodeling for weight-loss systems, when her visiting was a biggish deal. :)

  46. jeffj-nj says:

    The woman is not attractive. I doubt anything she could wear should be called sexy.

    That said, she should still be allowed to wear whatever she damn well pleases. I am so sick of the never-ending prudishness in this country, and the authority weilded by those who should be without it. This entire story is ridiculous, and is going to require a whole lot more than just an apology (or even free tickets) before I, personally, will be happy.

    Of course, who cares if I’m happy? The incident had nothing to do with me. But still. ;)

  47. edebaby says:


    If she was truly humiliated, she could have purchased alternative wear before her return flight. Is that not possible? I’m not saying it was reasonable, but certainly possible.

  48. AcidReign says:

        I like the picture. The woman in the puritan collar really seems to be checking that ass out, and getting into it!

  49. mrjimbo19 says:

    I travel quiet a bit for work and typically keep business casual. Wasn’t there a point in time where people actually dressed up to fly on planes? I don’t really care what she wears but I don’t get how she can logically think that we believe it was humiliating for her when she is now on national television making a scene about it.

  50. TheBigLewinski says:


    What happenned to all of the previous comments???

  51. Saboth says:

    #1. 90% of the people saying she is ugly probably wish they had a girlfriend at all.
    #2. She isn’t wearing anything offensive in the least.
    #3. It isn’t an airline’s place to tell her what to wear. Perhaps if she were exposing herself in some way, yes. Otherwise…no.
    #4. No one cares about antiquated traditions about when to wear what colors. It’s nice if you have some historical knowledge of outmoded traditions that have no real meaning in today’s times, but be aware you will probably be the only one observing them.
    #5. If you were at an amusement park wearing perfectly normal clothes, and some 16 year old running the roller coaster told you to change clothes, would you run into the nearest overpriced gift shop and buy a new outfit? Hell no.

  52. Primate says:

    She didn’t pack any bags because it was a day trip so she had nothing to change into.

  53. Myron says:

    I predict the Senate will soon launch a hands on investigation into the matter.

  54. TheBigLewinski says:


    I saw the piece live in the east coast, you could NOT see her cooch, just her bright white thong.

    Perhaps she was in a rush to catch the plane and didn’t have time to shave or put underwear on…

  55. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    Yes. There was a time when people dressed up for flights. There was also a time when you didn’t have to worry that you might be crammed like a sardine for an extra 5 hours in a hot airplane while “weather” 1000 miles away clears up. And you wonder why anyone wears anything other than a sweat suit on an airplane.

  56. Primate says:

    How is that at all relevant? Are you people so insecure about yourselves that you must take every opportunity possible to put others down?

  57. forever_knight says:

    @velvetjones: yes, saw the square of obstruction on the central time zone show too. had to rewind tivo for closer inspection. ;)

  58. Freedomboy says:

    Freedom is just another word for “go back upstairs and change those pants young lady or you aren’t going anywhere” I guess. The gall of some powermad losers to bother with this CUSTOMER’S appearance. What next, “you’re too dark and your nose is too big” ??

  59. Hanke says:

    1-I have a wife, AND an imginary girlfreind.
    2-Of course not; but offense is in the eye of the offended.
    3-I agree.
    4-I didn’t even know this, and wouldn’t care anyhow.
    5-See 3.

  60. shaygo says:

    the comments to this post are out of control and so mysoginistic and judgemental. this has nothing to do with how what you think this woman looks like or what you think the reasoning is behind her flying somewhere for a dr.’s appt.– this woman was scolded and humiliated for wearing an outfit that may not have been to the flight attendant’s taste, is not obscene or more revealing than what people are wearing to walk down the street in NYC.

    maybe i’m alone on this — and i know it’s a fine line — but when i hear about this and airlines not allowing women who are breast feeding on flights it makes me very nervous.

    and fyi — on the return flight she didn’t have a single problem and was, in fact, complemented by a flight attendant on her outfit.

  61. Aut0mat1c says:

    Who cares… as long as she wasn’t showing off her snatch to the entire plane.

  62. Leiterfluid says:

    This reminds me of one of my (many) favorite Futurama quotes:

    Fry: “I prefer shows of the genre ‘World’s blankiest blank.'”

    TV Station Operator: “Well, she is wearing the world’s shortiest skirt.”

  63. cde says:

    Next time I fly, I fly with a shirt that says FSCK it. WHen they tell me to take it off, I’ll make them buy me a shirt. Then I’ll put my FSCK shirt back on mid-flight, hoping to get it diverted and me arrested, then lawsuit rich :D Yes, I’d be an asshole to everyone on the plane for my RIGHT to wear a goddamn shirt that doesn’t have any profanity on it.

  64. cde says:

    @Aut0mat1c: I’d care if she was showing her snatch off. Then again, I’m straight and not a protesant, err prude.

  65. velvetjones says:

    @TheBigLewinski: Yes, they fuzzed out a flash of her panties, I didn’t mean to insinuate that it was X-rated. My point was that the irony of the situation was hysterical. She derailed the whole segment in one, um, sitting.

  66. foghat81 says:

    @Leiterfluid: Kudos. It’s always a good day when you can work a Futurama quote in!

  67. Butch Huskey says:

    the flight attendant should have got a woman instead to offer her a blanket and a hint-hint that seems to be the only mistake or do we all got to sue everytime a gay flight server annoys us

  68. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Their statement said that “”Southwest Airlines was responding to a concern about Ms. Ebbert’s revealing attire on the flight that day”…
    A “concern”? They are admitting that they’ll do the bidding of any passenger who is offended by anything? Even though they previously admitted they don’t have a written dress code?
    I can’t tell you how great this is to know.
    Just to get this straight: If I complain about a guy with his butt-crack showing, Southwest will jump right on it?
    And hey – If you don’t like tacky hair extensions, Southwest’ll boot the trailer trash off the plane for you!
    OMG is she really wearing blue eye shadow? You are so outta here, courtesy of the self-appointed fashion police & Southwest!
    This is gonna be sooooo sweet!

  69. rjhiggins says:

    Why do people posting here feel the need to bash her looks? I’m going to guess that most of you guys (yes, it’s almost all guys) aren’t exactly Brad Pitt.

    Grow up, boys.

  70. SJActress says:


    Yes, I saw the blur on her crotch during the segment as well! I wonder if anyone in the east coast could tell us what was under her skirt?

    While I don’t think that outfit is inappropriate for travel, it WAS pretty funny to see the blurred out crotch when she sat back down on the couch.

  71. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @shaygo: God, seriously. “Oh no, a mildly unattractive woman! Get the barf bags!” What the hell is up with that?

  72. Allisonaxe says:

    I think it has nothing to do with the overall “sexiness” of that outfit, and rather, everything to do with the general tackiness of it. I mean, look at her! the flight attendant sounds, to me, as though he’s a gay guy who gets off on critiquing people’s clothes. I know a few of them myself, one who brought a woman to tears for haranguing her in an elevator for wearing white after labor day.

    he didn’t actually make little miss attention ho’ get off the plane, just toyed around with her and made fun of her awful outfit.

    seriously, does anyone really dress like that? ugh. I’d be snickering with my friends about it, too.

  73. cryrevolution says:

    The question really should be where the heck were the OTHER people sitting that they could see into her skirt? Aren’t the seats like seriously almost back to back? Unless she was sitting spread eagle with no underwear on in the aisle facing other people, how would anyone see the snatch? And furthermore, I think if someone actually saw the vajayjay, Southwest Airline probably would have said “Well we asked her to cover up her VAGINA.” Yeah, it probably would’ve been mentioned since its kind of a big deal.

  74. oneswellfoop says:

    I don’t see any issue with her showing some skin as long as she is neither fat or ugly. Were she either one of those it’d be an entirely different matter.

  75. LeJerque says:

    The obvious solution to this problem is to issue more modest clothing to passengers. Ladies whose outfits are on the skimpy side can be given full-length hoods and burkas. Those shouldn’t upset anyone on the plane. Hooray!

  76. philipbarrett says:

    You’ve been flying to Vegas I guess!

  77. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @FreakyStyley: I aim to please!

    @Snazz: As long as I can wear something like this outfit to the wedding!

  78. Ausoleil says:

    Even if the young woman had her knees a foot apart, her privates would only be showing to the seatback in front of her.

    Someone was waaaaaayyyy too uptight.

  79. Dr.Ph0bius says:

    After all the trauma and expense she suffered on that plane ride, next time she travels, I would like to extend to her an all expenses paid mustache ride to the destination of her choice… and I wont make her adjust her outfit.

  80. bmcgann says:

    At the mall this weekend, I saw a teenage girl (with her mother!) who was wearing a very similar skirt. She barely bent over and her cheeks were visible. I found it offensive. Not kick off an airplane offensive, but if the net impact of this is that skanky girls think twice about what the wear in public, I’m all for it.

  81. MalichiDemonos says:

    2 words – Brown Bag
    I think i see where she could hide a letter opener… or a night stick flashlight ;)

  82. TehRev says:

    looks like southwest changed the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” motto stores enforce, to “No Taste, Yes Skanky, No Flight”. Dress code for the general public in a business has been established.

    Southwest wrong? Legally no. But its still lame.

  83. TechnoDestructo says:

    She’d be too sexy for United, that’s for sure.

    You have to be at least 50 years old or at least 50 pounds overweight to be a flight attendant on United.

  84. markwm says:

    Having seen other posters chastised as misogynistic, I will refrain from cracking wise about possible aquatic life aromas filling the cabin due to missing layers of covering or possible safety concerns due to an exposed cavity creating a large pressure difference in the cabin.
    Jokes like that would simply not be appropriate.

  85. SaraAB87 says:

    I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with these clothes for a girl that age and of that body type. If it was an extremely fat person shoved into the clothes with rolls of fat hanging out, or a person with falling off pants or a severe case of plumber’s crack, I would be much more offended then seeing this. The skirt isn’t even that short, have you all seen what the latest trend for ages 8 and up is, high heels and skirts and shorts that barely, and I mean barely, cover even the top of the leg. I am talking about like one inch of the leg is covered, and this is frequently seen on a child! All you have to do is go to the mall in the summer to see it. To see a child around 8-10 years old dressed like this (in clothes far worse than what this woman has on) is MUCH more offensive to me than to see a properly dressed woman like this. She is not falling out of her clothes or anything, and if she wants to wear these clothes then she should be able to, since there is nothing wrong with it.

  86. l0stn0tfound says:

    Sorry if someone mentioned it.. But it’s funny how when she sits back down you can see up her skirt.. yeah I’m a perv, but that proves it’s provocative. Did she deserve to get kicked off? Meh who cares

  87. markwm says:

    I believe you’ve won the “Superficial Post of the Year” award. Really, you have no problem with her dressing like that, but you’d lose your lunch if she was a fatty?

  88. fairywench says:

    I love the way so many people assume that just because she SAYS she had her legs crossed and wasn’t displaying anything inappropriate, she must be telling the truth. ‘Cause, you know, she certainly doesn’t LOOK like an attention whore….

    Also, Southwest’s statement says they were “responding to a concern about Ms. Ebbert’s revealing attire on the flight that day.” I interpret that to mean another passenger complained.

    They then state that “we asked her to adjust her clothing to be less revealing, she complied, and she traveled as scheduled.” Well, as short as that skirt is, there isn’t much wiggle room, so to speak. If it was hiked up enough that she was able to adjust it to be less revealing, then she must have been putting on quite a show prior to the “adjustment”. Just like she did on the Today Show.

    And you’re right, she does look like a man, but I think that’s a result of her having her hips liposuctioned (to go with her fake mammaries.)

  89. sardonicbastard says:

    @NEVERYONE: That is definitely an important point… it was physically impossible for her to be modest when sitting down. She freakin flashed the camera! I fail to see how that’s disruptive enough to kick somebody off an airplane, though… this alleged “Keith” character needs a talking to.

  90. fairywench says:

    Oh, and kudos to all the mysoginistic pigs on here who say it’s okay as long as she’s not fat. It’s good to be reminded that some men still have absolutely no respect for women as human beings. Otherwise we might start thinking we’re equals, and demand the right to vote or equal pay or something. Hell, we might even demand the right to use birth control! Horrors!

  91. d0x says:

    Too sexy huh? I dont think so.

  92. royal72 says:

    dear southwest,
    as a concerned customer, i felt obliged to share my sentiments with you, as i will no longer, in good conscience, be able to use your services. i find the uniforms of your workers, specifically your flight attendants to be very disconcerting and quite inappropriate.

    i’ve spoken with friends, colleagues, and family in the hopes that they will do the same and find other services for their travel. thanks for the good service otherwise and good luck.

  93. jrdnjstn78 says:

    I’ve seen people dressed worse then this where I work and we don’t kick them out or tell them it’s offensive. I’ve seen guys wearing pants with their whole ass sticking out in the back. I don’t want to see your happy face boxers but if you want to wear it go ahead. It’s not my place to tell you what to wear. I’ve seen very big women wearing lowriders with their thong string hanging out. Not something I want to see but I’m not going to go complain and get you kicked out of somewhere. Now I could see if these people were at a “high class event or something but an airline?

    I agree with the person who said “if she had her legs spread a foot apart the only who sees anything would be the back of the seat in front of her. Airline seats are so smashed together, how could anyone see up her skirt. Whoever looked must have put their face right up to her knees to look.

    I bet it was someone jealous of her figure and complained.

  94. Phrugal says:

    In the picture, the skirt is pulled way down, and her shirt pulled down to cover that fact. Typically a persons belly button is equal with the middle of their forearm. If she were to lift up her top, you would be able to see quite a bit! Also look at the bump on her left hip. (right side of photo) That is the top of her leg.

  95. superbmtsub says:

    Kyla? You mean Kyle?

    Truth be told, I’m siding with Kyla or Kyle or however it’s said.

  96. CoffeeAddict says:

    All I can say is who cares? I don’t really find what she is wearing very attractive but I don’t find it worse then anything else I see girls wearing around here. I think Southwest is being a little too puritan and needs to get with the now. I mean as long as she’s not naked who really cares.

  97. faust1200 says:

    @Phrugal: Ya now that you mention it it looks like that “skirt” is pulled waaaay down. If it were another inch up it’s a total crotch shot. The more I look at the outfit the more I’m siding with Keith the fashion policeman.

  98. MercuryPDX says:

    @Buran: I always thought it was “No White Shoes” after Labor Day but let’s ask Yahoo….

  99. badjack128 says:

    besides the fact that bitch is heinous anyways… that is besides the point. its complete BS for a flight attendant to enforce a dress code that is not regularly and equally applied to everyone. i would sue the airline. i bet you if paris hilton wore that exact same outfit on that exact same flight the flight attendant wouldn’t say anything!!!

  100. Whoa says:


    The “it’s ok b/c she’s not fat” comments are insensitive, perhaps, but not misogynistic. They are directed toward women more often than men only b/c guys typically do not bear their midriffs/thighs/etc.

  101. mikehager66 says:

    These women with fake breasts and fake tans (oompaloompa orange) are sickening. Whatever happened to leaving something up to the imagination? You can dress cute and sexy without looking like a dime store whore. Notice she said she was humiliated and made the center of attention, and then you see how she was dressed and you wonder what she thinking. Oh well…she had her 5 minutes of fame and now we can get back to what’s really important in life.

  102. cde says:

    @fairywench: And its good to be reminded that some women have that same lack of respect for other women as well. “LOOK like an Attention whore”? “that’s a result of her having her hips liposuctioned (to go with her fake mammaries.)” So you think she’s an attention whore plastic surgury addict based just on her looks. You must be a fattie then to have such disdain for her just from her looks. One might even say Auto-mysoginistic…

  103. thepounder says:

    I’ve already stated how stupid this was and Southwest definitely sucked on this one. Ok, there’s my little on-topic part to keep things legit…

    Now… I wonder why this subject brought out all the shallow & stupid comments? Is everyone who said she’s ugly an employee of Hollister or something? Wow.

  104. majortom1981 says:

    Wait so people dont find the fact that yoou can see everything underneath the skirt offensive?

    So you dont mind if little kids see her “thing” ?

    Wow ,Why not just let her walk onto the plane naked.

    Somebody before my comment mentioned that the today show actually had to grey out by the skirt.

  105. shades_of_blue says:

    are there any HQ shots of her face? Because everytime I see at shots of this girl, I think she looks 40 and not 23.

  106. Hoss says:

    Doesn’t everyone see that the white blouse is pulled down over the top of the short skirt. If worn normally the middrift was exposed, along with a thong. The skirt itself is only 5 or 6 inches in length.

    Maybe wear this to a beach party or a dark bar. Have a little class, even if it’s pretending

  107. lestat730 says:

    The flight attendant was probably just jealous that she wasn’t as attractive as her.

  108. thepounder says:

    @majortom1981: Only if you’re looking at the “crotchal region” would you see everything that’s up the skirt… and you’re laying on your back on the ground.

    If people desire to be offended they will be, no matter how big the stretch is.

  109. alteredcarbon says:

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! This is the standard ::UNIFORM:: *in and out of work* of every female under aged 30 in California. I think it’s the only kind of clothing they sell at Old Navy and Target for women.

  110. fairywench says:

    @CDE Her boobs are obviously fake. If you can’t tell, well, I’m sorry, but it’s obvious. It’s also obvious she’s had lipo by the fact that she has totally straight hips. No, I’m not a fatty, I’m a size 2, thank you very much, and I have six pack abs. And yet I still have hips, imagine that.

    However, in spite of those things, I don’t feel the need to flash my coochie on national television. I think she’s an attention whore because of the way she’s dressed, because she flashed her underwear on national tv, because she’s doing everything possible to get even more attention, and because she works at Hooters.

    And since I’m sure you won’t believe I’m not fat, here’s a link. []
    (I tried to add a photo to my profile, but it said they were having server problems.

  111. fairywench says:

    To all those who said “everyone dresses like that” – well, yeah, and all the female celebs lately have been flashing their privates everywhere, too. Doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. But as several have pointed out, look at how low she has that skirt pulled down in the photo. And even so, it barely covers.

    If she didn’t want publicity, if she was embarrassed, then why is she flashing her stuff on national TV? Puh-leeeze, people!

  112. That’s offensive? You’re kidding me. I saw girls in High School wearing less than that.

  113. fairywench says:

    @Papa Midnight:
    You did? Did you go to a nudist school? Cause when she sits down it that skirt, she’s got no secrets.

    And as I said earlier, just because someone does it, doesn’t make it acceptable.

  114. CurbRunner says:

    Does Southwest Airlines have an actual published “dress code” that passengers can see or access before boarding an aircraft?
    If they don’t, what the hell can people expect to adhere to?

    What the airlines employees are doing here, is choosing to be as subjective as they want with passengers because they now know that any negative response they get from a passenger can be interpreted under the new anti-terrorist as “interfering with” or “intimidating” a flight crew member (Federal Law, US Code § 46504). You can automatically be considered a terrorist suspect. Even stating your concerns or position can be interpreted as they please.

    It is most likely that all flight crew members have received training and updates from the airlines in the specifics of this new law.

    Even something as innocuous as this young woman’s attire can be turned into a confrontation that could get someone arrested as a terrorist suspect depending on whether or not a particular flight attendant wants to use their training to be a hard-ass and push someone into the bad choice of responding negatively in a conjured-up situation.

    Be very careful how you respond to airlines employees if you are challenged about anything.

  115. Peter Nincompoop says:

    Robert De Niro in drag?

  116. Justin Dean Job says:

    go to her myspace and you will see me in the middle with her and a bunch of other ladies in underwear. Thats how pimps roll