Too Sexy For Southwest Airlines Woman Appears On The Today Show

The woman who was too sexy for Southwest Airlines appeared on the Today Show this morning in the outfit she was wearing on the flight.

It’s just really not offensive at all. Tacky, yes, but white denim isn’t illegal. Neither is flashing a little bit of your underwear as you sit down. Kyla assured Matt Lauer that she had her legs crossed and wasn’t showing off her… you know.

If this outfit is enough to get you a public lecture from a flight attendant we must have missed the part where they constantly publicly humiliate men for rampant exposed butt crack. Does that take place during the safety lecture? We never pay attention.

Southwest gave the Today Show a statement:

“Southwest Airlines was responding to a concern about Ms. Ebbert’s revealing attire on the flight that day. As a compromise, we asked her to adjust her clothing to be less revealing, she complied, and she traveled as scheduled. When a concern is brought to our Employees’ attention, we address that situation directly with the Customer(s) involved in a discreet and professional manner. Fortunately, as an airline that carries approximately 96 million Customers a year, these situations are extremely rare.”

Kyla isn’t happy with that statement and is still looking for an apology.

Thrown off plane for outfit deemed too skimpy [Today Show]