Thanks All The Same, Steve Jobs, But We'd Rather Have The Cash

iPhone backlash continues this morning: Matt writes in to share his displeasure at being offered $100 gift certificate by Steve Jobs. He’d rather just have his money back, since his phone is only a month old:

In response to the announcement issued yesterday by Mr. Jobs, I would like to know how is it even reasonable to expect that pissed off customers WANT $100 towards more Apple gear? What good does $100 towards new stuff do, if I never plan to shop at Apple again as a result of this greedy stunt? I’m in the tech industry–one could reasonably expect that a new version and a lower price would happen around December, given the holidays and the fact that it’s 6 months after the launch. But this week, and a 33% cut? That’s outrageous, especially when the standard return policies for most smart retailers are 30, 60 or 90 days…not 14. Apple has just destroyed their brand in my eyes.

I would like to know how this company plans to legitimately address my (and others’) concerns–not just pay lip-service and attempt to get us to buy more stuff.

Thanks very much,


Well, Matt. You do have a point. However, since you’re stuck with the phone (and a 2-year contract with AT&T, one imagines) you’re going to want to make the best of it. Your phone is fairly new, so you should either be able to sweet-talk Apple into a refund or, if your credit card has price protection, you should still be within the (usually) 60-day window.

Give it a shot. What can you lose?


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  1. Abusiveelusive says:

    You pay a premium to be one of the first people to get a certain piece of technology.

    Get over yourselves already, damn it.

  2. gopher646 says:

    I completely understand why people are upset about this, but c’mon it’s technology! You pay for the novelty of having a new gadget immediately, knowing that eventually it will come down in price. Remember the days of $500 Motorola Razr’s?

  3. HeyThereKiller says:

    “I’m in the tech industry”

    Working at Best Buy doesn’t count… douchenozzle

  4. hypnotik_jello says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. The price you pay to have the latest and greatest is having to deal with quick price depreciation. Sick and tired of the whiners.

  5. Plaid Rabbit says:

    Eh. What the hell were you doing buying the thing first-gen anyway? I completely understand the outrage, but this is how Apple has always rolled. I also sympathize – I have done the exact same thing…last year, even. My 17″ MBP was, 6 weeks after I purchased it, 44% slower than the Core 2 Duo models they put out. It happens, and you learn from it. Its not like the internet isn’t covered with stories just like yours.

    Jobs was right in his letter and response…everything gets old eventually, and things change. You wait forever, you get nothing ever.

    The $100 store credit is worthless to you, but I know many people who will continue to buy Mac stuff, and the majority of coverage I’ve seen see it as a healthy compromise, considering they could have just told you to stuff it.

    I guarantee any other computer company would have.

  6. CaptainConsumer says:

    Uh oh, somebody better call the waaaaaaaaambulance.

    Look if the prices on these STAYED high or even went up, these same early adopters who defied every warning prices would fall would be GLOATING and CROWING about how they were ahead of the curve and SMART shoppers.

    Awwwwwwwww, poor babies

  7. ncboxer says:

    Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter. Suck it up and move on. Seriously, he paid over $600 for a phone ($599 + tax). I’ve bought a ton of stuff that dropped in price soon after I bought it. But I justified the original purchase price in my mind, so I end up happy no matter how much it dropped. Obviously he was fine at the time paying that much for a new phone and being locked into a 2-year contract.

    My last phone was free.

  8. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    I think if someone bought an iPhone at the original cost and then had to show someone their receipt at the door after they bought it, this website would explode.

  9. Abusiveelusive says:

    If I buy a car, and then 2 months later the car maker has a rebate, I don’t go and cry cause I didn’t get it.

    Boo hoo.

  10. AlisonAshleigh says:

    Oh everyone needs to man up & stop their whining, because guess what? He didn’t HAVE to give you anything. If I were Steve Jobs, I would be sitting in my office right now laughing at all the fools that paid that much to begin with, congratulating myself on shafting people not only with the price but by forcing them into a contract with AT&T, with my phone off the hook and my secretary deleting my emails, and laughing like this –

  11. y2julio says:

    Apple fanboys are idiots. Apple decided to be nice and TRY to give something back. Fanboys need to realize that they are not entitled to do anything, they could have just given them nothing.

  12. Canadian Impostor says:

    I’d like cash for free too, you agreed to pay $600 for an iPhone Apple doesn’t owe you shit now that they dropped the price.

  13. shiwsup says:

    I don’t believe anyone who claims to be “so totally done with Apple. I mean, seriously.” over this. You bought that overpriced phone while the world laughed at you, and now we’re still laughing and you’re finally in on the joke.

  14. CMiYC says:

    Fine, Give me your $100 credit. I’d love to use it.

    It can go toward the iPhone I am about to purchase.

    BTW, If Apple drops the price next month, I’ll say: “Oh well that’s what I get for being in the ‘tech industry.'”

  15. Ashground says:

    As my roommate put it, everyone who rushed to buy the iPhone was essentially charged a $200 Jackass Tax.

    I understand why people are mad, but seriously, you paid the price you were willing to pay. Now it’s cheaper. And any claim that a massive price drop “destroys the brand” is just silly.

  16. MickeyMoo says:

    Just wait till they come out with a 16GB 3G enabled version for 499 before Christmas and the whining will be so loud your ears will bleed

  17. NoNamesLeft says:

    Apple Fanboys are just that, Fanboys. Guess who will be first in line when the 16 GB iPhones come out?

  18. 2Legit2Quit says:


    Done. Okay, guess what, you bought too early? Get over it, that’s what happens with new technology. It’s a mixed market at its finest. Aww… were you planning on selling your phone right now anyway? No? so fuck you, you’ve lost nothing! You’re phone still has the same worth to you.

    I doubt Dell would have ever given a $100 reimbursement.

  19. hypnotik_jello says:

    @public enemy #1: bahaahhaha. Touché.

  20. yahonza says:

    Unbelievable. This whole episode should convince Apple and other companies not to lower their prices so much or so quickly. Nice work, assholes.

  21. Gev says:

    If someone wants to be the first kid on their block with the newest toys, they’re going to pay a premium for that.

    They need to just suck it up, and write off the price difference they paid as impatience tax and think about waiting a little while the next time.

  22. Falconfire says:

    @y2julio: Its not Apple Fanboi’s. As a Apple user for years now, I know full well to

    1) NEVER buy a 1st gen Apple product, or any companies 1st gen anything for that matter.

    2) Expect the price to drop within 2-6 months.

    3) Never buy a product when a “announcement” is coming.

    I’m sure most Apple users know this too, so really its only the idiots who get their panties in a bunch.

  23. OKH says:

    I bought some stock a few weeks ago and due to market pressures, people are now buying it for 1/3 less. Can I have my money back, too??

  24. qwickone says:

    Most of the people that bought the iPhone first gen and at that high price are most likely fanboys, which means they WILL spend the $100 credit. Just be happy you got something and quit your whining. Someone yesterday said it best – you bought it at $600 because it was worth it to you at that price, so be glad you’re getting something back.

  25. y2julio says:

    @yahonza: So you preffer a company to have a slump in sales due to the low demand and high price of the product instead of doing something to increase sales like for example lowering the cost of the product to match the product demand just so that little johnny can feel “special” ?? hahahaha you fanboys are funny.

  26. y2julio says:

    @Falconfire: There is a difference between Apple user and Apple Fanboy. My comment applies to the Apple Fanboy base. Not to the user base that actually THINKS.

  27. joopiter says:

    I just talked to the one person I know who has an iPhone (who was not an Apple person prior to buying it) and asked him, jokingly, how it felt for the price to have dropped $200 bucks in a month. His response: “I love the phone. I would have paid $200 more.” The fact that they’re offering an Apple rebate was just icing to him.

    To all the whiners, it was worth the $599 to you when you bought it. You made the decision to purchase it at that price. So quit your whining already. Every single freaking article I read on the iPhone prior to its release had the same bottom line – it’s a great phone, but you should really wait to buy it. You chose not to because you had to be first. Get over it already.

  28. Beerad says:

    Can we please stop with the “I screwed up and I demand that Apple give me money for my impulsive buying tendancies” articles? Every third article on Consumerist is about this, and given that the fairly uniform response from commentors is “Sorry you’re upset, but tough noogies. Apple doesn’t owe you anything,” I don’t know that another story about an aggrieved, self-righteous whiner is either newsworthy or advancing the discussion.

  29. Bye says:

    This makes me love Apple more than I ever have.

    They do the right thing by throwing a little money to the early adopter folks who, while I appreciate them and love the fact that they are always so willing to pay to be the first to work all of the kinks out of product that I intend to buy in subsequent generations, are acting like this is a travesty along the lines of Darfur or worthy of a 20/20 segment.

    $200 in this case is either a Jackass Tax, a LOOKATME Tax, or a Hey-I-Understand-This-Is-The-First-Generation-of-a-Highly-Innovative-Product-and-I-Want-To-Be-One-of-the-First-to-Own-It-But-I-Fully-Realize-the-Price-Could-Drop-at-Any-Moment-as-New-Models-are-Rolled-Out-So-When-That-Happens-I’m-Just-Going-to-Roll-with-It.

    I remember back when I was a kid and my parents bought my brother and I an Atari (later known as Atari 2600). My dad’s friend was livid that he had bought the same console just two months earlier for his girls and it cost him about twice as much.

  30. tasselhoff76 says:

    I think people that are complaining because Apple dropped the price of the iPhone after they bought one need to suck it up.

    Everyone knew that the prices would drop. The price of every consumer electronic drops. These folks were in a mad dash to spend their money and be the first ones to have the cool new toy. They were more than willing to spend their money and now they’re upset because other people are going to get it for less.

    It is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that Apple is willing to give them anything at all is really such an amazing peace offering in today’s customer service world.

  31. Usermanual says:

    What’s the difference whether the price drops 2 months or 6 months after the launch? Would 4 months really make you feel that much better? Consumers purchased the product for the value they placed on the item at the time it was released. If you felt it was worth $599 two months ago, how come suddenly it’s no longer as valuable to you? If it was never worth $599 to you, then why did you buy one?

    I would encourage people who are upset to just be content that they were able to buy such an awesome piece of technology right when it hit the market. You didn’t pay $599. for a fancy phone, you paid it to be a part of something exclusive.

  32. I must respectfully disagree Marco – Matt has no point. Apple offered him a product at X price. He decided (which assumes he thought about it, though the whining implies he did not) that it was worth X price and bought it. End of story. I doesn’t matter if they start giving them away a month later.

    Intelligent, thoughtful, thrifty consumers (the type of consumers Consumerist should be attempting to create more of) don’t assume a product is worth the amount a company sells it for. It’s worth what the consumer is willing to pay for it. Matt apparently thought the iPhone was worth $600. Now b/c it’s offered for less, it’s not worth that? I respectfully posit that Matt never thought about what the iPhone was really worth to him, merely simply decided he wanted it. And that’s not the consumer attitude that the Consumerist should be promoting.

  33. Antediluvian says:

    I like that (well, except for the douchenozzle part).

  34. yahonza says:

    Boy did you take me the wrong way. In fact, I can’t even understand how you could get what I said so completely wrong.

    “Unbelievable. This whole episode should convince Apple and other companies not to lower their prices so much or so quickly. Nice work, assholes.”

    You took that as I don’t want Apple to lower prices? You took that to mean I was on the side of the whiners? NO, they are the assholes.

  35. randombob says:

    Here, I’ll address your concerns.

    Grow the fuck up, you whiny bitch.

    You paid GOING MARKET VALUE for an item, meaning that you viewed its price as a FAIR INVESTMENT FOR ITS ADDED VALUE to your life. And…. nothing’s changed. The iPhone is still the same iphone. Yes, the price dropped – it happens. It sucks when you’re the one with egg on your face, but guess what? it happens to all of us. Happened to a friend of mine who bought the same motorcycle i did 4 months before me. Paid an extra $2,000. He was upset I got a better deal, but then again…. HE GOT TO PLAY ON THE MOTORCYCLE FOR AN EXTRA 4 MONTHS. So in the end, he was kinda OK with it, as he’d have rather had it for an extra 4 months and paid the penalty than be without it, as I was.

    I bought the first gen 1.67GHZ PowerBooks a few months before the new revisions came out with better screens & faster memory. I slapped my head because it would have been nice to have had for the same price, BUT, I needed/wanted the machine when I DID buy it, and figured at the time that the price justified the value added. And though the market changed and newer & better came out, that DID NOT make my purchase any less valid. Yes a part of that sucks, I admit, but it’s called LIFE. I could have waited, but chose not to. I didn’t write a letter to steve jobs, entitled “please don’t change your laptop specs, because I just bought one and I don’t want my butt to hurt.”

    and that’s the thing; you DO pay the price to be an early adopter. Whether it’s missing features in V1.0 hardware, or footing the bill for R&D, or usually BOTH, the thing is, you paid more! BUT, you got something that people saving $200 can NEVER HAVE, EVER, which is the opportunity to have THE COOLEST NEW GEEK TOY EVER sooner than everyone else.

    So really, just grow the fuck up and enjoy your new toy.

    All of you whiners are such bitches it makes me sick. “apple should never lower its prices, cuz it’ll make my butt hurt!” “I wanna feel super-special and have a cool new toy that’ll always be expensive, cuz mommy never hugged me!” “Why can’t the market stay stagnant now that I finally got involved?” “WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

  36. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    It’s called buyer’s remorse, Matt. You’re not exactly a crusade of one, but expect your march on Cupertino to lose a lot of its sparse members along the way as they get distracted by various bright, shiny objects on the roadside.

  37. JMH says:

    @AlisonAshleigh: You left out “swimming in my money bin.”

  38. tedyc03 says:

    I’m of the opinion that Apple isn’t obligated to these customers to give them anything back…the fact that they’re giving them something back now means that Apple is gracious. They paid $600 for what they got, and the contract was valid and there was no deception…the fact that Apple made a business decision to turn two models into one at the lower price point is irrelevent.

    I’d be happy with $100 credit for Apple Store merchandise. After all, that’s $100 I didn’t have a week ago.

  39. randombob says:

    Hey, let’s start a petition or poll or something. if more than 70% of the readership views these complaints as bogus “baby wants it’s bottle” whining, consumerist stops posting the drivel about it.

    I mean seriously, call mommy and arrange a hug if you need one that bad. But let’s keep consumerist on topic, huh? These are NOT valid consumer complaints. And I’m betting a poll would bear that out.

  40. TehRev says:

    Boo Hoo. I am tired of the whiny bitches already. If I see anyone in real life complain about it I am going to kick them in the shins then point and laugh. Apple owes you nothing.

  41. Primate says:

    In your letter you said you didn’t want the credit because you were not going to purchase Apple products anymore.
    If you have already stated you are no longer a customer what is Jobs incentive to do anything for you?
    You have given him the option of doing nothing and losing you as a customer, or spend money on you and still lose you as a customer.
    Not a tough choice for him to make.

  42. faust1200 says:

    I don’t think Matt will be happy until Steve Jobs personally gives him a hummer. And I’m not talking about the car.

  43. davere says:

    Am I annoyed that the price went down so quickly? Somewhat.

    Did Apple have to refund me money? No.

    Use that credit to get an extra charger and a new case. Or get an iPod shuffle and give it to someone for Christmas. Really, it’s not a big deal.

  44. y2julio says:

    @yahonza: The way you worded it, yes. It made you seem like you were on the side of the assholes.

  45. scoopy says:

    Apple sells overpriced crap.

  46. In response to the announcement issued yesterday by Mr. Jobs, I would like to know how is it even reasonable to expect that pissed off customers WANT $100 towards more Apple gear?

    You are a giant whiner. Seriously.

  47. dip_cone says:

    Really, do the kinda fools who pay $600 for a cell phone and then whine about a rebate on that device need a voice? The backlash continues? C’mon.

  48. yahonza says:

    I second the motion for a poll.

    Consumerist should have been unequivocally on Apple’s side on this thing from the beginning.

    They cut prices, that is good. Its the most favorable thing a company can do for consumers.

    And yet, Consumerist recommended that people complain to the state of California department of Consumer Affairs for engaging in this vicious price slashing.

    Judging by the comments, nearly all readers of the site see this situation as it is: some early adopters are whining and crying for no good reason.

    Cutting prices is exactly the kind of behavior that the Consumerist ought to be praising not criticizing.

  49. @y2julio: When are the people who hate Apple going to realize that they’re in a distinct minority? Not everyone who buys an Apple product is a “fanboy”.

    What’s up with the irrational Apple hate? Just buy someone else’s product and move on.

  50. Esquire99 says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that almost every comment on here agrees with Apple. Well, I guess I’ll toss my hat in on the Apple side. Why is Consumerist even posting this crap? This guy has no point. He’s just got a serious case of buyers remorse. It makes my head hurt that he expects money back.

  51. djanes1 says:

    I don’t think the ‘outrage’ is reasonable. Apple set a price for their product, and these people were more than willing to pay what is apparently $200 in excess of real value in order to be one of the very first people to aquire this status symbol. Prices of tech products drop all the time, so what arbitrary ratio of price drop to time is acceptable? If Apple had waited a year for this price drop would it have been OK? Half a year?

  52. I would like to know how this company plans to legitimately address my (and others’) concerns–not just pay lip-service and attempt to get us to buy more stuff.

    “Dear Matt,

    Sell the phone on eBay.
    We’ll miss you.


  53. enm4r says:

    Let’s all continue to point and laugh.

  54. randombob says:


    Revoke this guy’s Consumerist account, if he has one. If he wants back in, make him pay $100 Apple Store credit.

    No, I take that back, I’m sorry. DO NOT let him have an account here, no matter what he offers. This is not a consumer complaint, and he should be ashamed and BANISHED for whining about this.

  55. IndyJaws says:

    Someone working in the “tech industry” would know to stay away from a V1.0 product if you’re concerned about price and/or quality. You lucked out that it turned out to be a quality product. Sucks that you paid more for it.

    Or does “tech industry” mean that you punch number keys on a register at 7-11?

    I really hope that the letter was just a troll. If not, get a life, you little sniveling asshat.

  56. Matt has entitlement issues.

    Seriously – he thought the phone was worth $600.00 when he bought it. Why does he now think he was wrong? Because Apple changed the price?

    Gimme a break.

  57. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    A consumerist first: not only do people complain about something going down in price, they complain that the company is giving them compensation in return for nothing! This is why I think this site may do a lot of harm to the causes it purports to support: it gives credence to people making completely unreasonable demands and in the process drowns out people who really got a bum deal.

    For shame, consumerist. You have so much promise.

  58. pine22 says:

    this happens to everyone, you buy something expensive, then its cheaper like the next week. i cant believe this matt guy is actually compalning that apple gave him a free 100 dollar gift card. what kind of dumbass doesnt want free stuff?

    cry more matt, if you’re in the “tech industry” like you say you are, according to your own advice, wouldnt it be better to wait till the holiday season to jump on the iphone bandwagon?

  59. killavanilla says:

    You people are ridiculous.
    What exactly does Apple owe you? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.
    The fact that Apple did anything for you people shows that they do, in fact, care about you as a customer. But the truth is that you would still buy Apple stuff even if they didn’t give you a thing. Quit crying!
    Listen, I get it. You feel ripped off. But it’s not like Apple forced you to buy the iPhone the second it came out. You CHOSE to buy it asap and that isn’t Apples fault.
    They adjusted their pricing to make it more appealing to the average consumer, not just fanboys who need to have it.
    I fail to see the point in whining that you paid more. When the new Ford Mustang came out, dealerships were getting as much as $10 grand above invoice. 6 months later, they were selling them at invoice. Now they are discounting them slightly below invoice. Is it fair? Yes, actually. It is. The market spoke here. The market happily forked over big bucks for the mustang. When they stopped being so willing to do so, Ford dealers changed the price and continued to sell the cars. The same thing happened with Apple. You and people like you camped outside of stores waiting for this thing. You paid top dollar so you could have it first. Now you think Apple owes you anything over a transaction you took part in of your own free will just because they decided to cut pricing?
    Nonsense. When the first ipods came out they were expensive. When the price dropped, apple gave you nothing.
    I bought my ipod nano 2nd gen in December for $199. Now, you can buy a new nano with the same capacity AND VIDEO. Should I write a letter to apple demanding a refund, a discount, or a new nano?
    Of course not. That would be silly. Just like this is.
    Be happy with what Apple offered you and stop whining. Enough already. The rest of us had to deal with the constant gloating of iphone owners. That’s what you paid for. Deal with it.

  60. homerjay says:

    Way to bite the hand that feeds you cool gadgets, douche. Be happy you didn’t trade the lease to your car for a Ribwitch.

  61. coan_net says:

    I still don’t see how people think Apple is being “greedy” – They were selling the phones – they were not as “hot” as they thought they were going to be – they have shelves full of them – so Apple is not being “Greedy”, they are just trying to sell their product.

  62. Red_Eye says:

    Pick up your much vaunted iphone and dial 1-800-wah-fscking-wahhh

    Unfortunately this is what was bound to happen when Apple continued to draw attention from non Mac fanboys. They now have the rest of the rabid world to cope with.

    Does this mean I get to bitch at GM when I drive off the lot in my brand new car and it immediately depreciates $5000? Where is my $2500 check, oh wait I am being a crybaby now.

  63. milty45654 says:

    HOLY CRAP…2 days in a row…did we win the whiner baby lottery? HAHAHAHAAHA…whatever trend the tech industry has of lowering prices we don’t care..its a TREND…things don’t always have to follow trends “douchenozzle”
    The market was saturated at that price, so they lowered it. Go take an economics course and so you don’t have to work at Best Buy your whole life and offer people credit cards and overpriced, useless warranties…”douchenozzle”

  64. Kwummy says:

    Jesus Christ on a stick. So it’s Apple’s fault you just HAD to have your shiny new iPhone so friggin’ soon?

    I’m absolutely certain Apple isn’t the first company EVER to do something like this so quickly.

    These same idiots who bragged about having an iPhone before everybody, telling everyone “price doesn’t matter to me” are the same people bitching about the price drop.

    If price wasn’t a damn issue when you bought it for $600 Mr. Hot Shot, why is it such an issue now.

  65. alpha says:


    :points and laughs at the whiny bitch:

  66. Faerie says:

    Lordy, I’m sick of hearing this from the early purchasers. $600 was an acceptable price for the product when you bought it, otherwise, you would have waited. Yeah, it sucks that they lowered the price and you could have paid less if you had waited, but no one forced you to buy it at the start. Apple doesn’t owe you a damn thing, you’re lucky they’re even giving you the in-store credit!

  67. hubris says:

    My god I am sick and tired of all these people bitching like a little girl with a skinned knee.

    I’m also pissed that Jobs turned into a pussy and gave in even as much as he did. He *should* have told all the early adopters to suck it. You get what you pay for. You were willing to pay as much as you did for the iPhone; just cause people can get it for cheaper now doesn’t invalidate your purchase. Asshats.

    *And* I’m speaking as someone who bought an iPhone soon after they came out. Doesn’t matter, I’m still pissed at all the people who are turning this into one huge whinging contest.

    There are already far too many people who have learned that complaining and complaining until you get your way is the way to approach life. While it can be a good thing (if you’ve been legitimately wronged), *this* is an example of the worst kind of whining.

    Die, iPhone whiners, die!

  68. rbb says:

    To all the whining Apple fans:

    Suck it up. What else can you do? It’s not like you are going to run out and buy a PC with Windows on it just to show your displeasure with Apple. Nor are you going to ditch your ipods and all the itunes you have. Face it – you are really whining because you realize you are so beholden to Apple and there is nothing you will do to stop it. You will continue to take any abuse that Apple sends your way and reply with a kurt “Thank you, sir. May I have another.”

  69. elduque says:

    If you don’t want the $100 bone Apple just threw you (they didn’t have to), I’ll take it.

  70. FrankTheTank says:

    Matt makes us other iPhone owners look bad.
    HE is the whiny little bitch that people are seeing (imagining) when people complain.

    I don’t think most iPhone owners feel this way.

    I think the attitude most are taking is: “A 1/3 price drop in 2 months is pretty shocking. But I love my iPhone and I’m glad I have it. $100 store credit is great. Apple has done right by us.”

    Dude, go buy yourself some iTunes with your $100 credit. That’s a solid way to go.

  71. Dr.Ph0bius says:


    Everywhere else that this story has been commented on, it has been by people who were whining just like this guy, or by people who for some reason sympathize with him (and his like).

    I especially liked the “Working at Best Buy doesn’t count… douchenozzle” comment! Its probably accurate, as anyone actually in the industry knows that you pay a premium to be the first to own something.

    In the end, after all the whining, and the irrelevant “fanboy” remarks, Apple didnt need to offer ANYTHING, but did. Ive bought a lot of products early on and watched them become cheaper, and its just the way it goes. I bought a Blackberry right before they dropped dramatically in price, and I bought a Moto Q right before they were being offered cheaper. I wanted to kick myself, but I hardly felt that anyone owed me anything.

    The funniest thing is that if the $100 credit wasnt offered, some people would have grumbled and then moved on. But they are offered this $100 credit and get all up-in-arms over it.

    “$100? Why not $200? Why not cash? Steve Jobs OWES ME!” Lol, the epitome of thanklessness…

    To be honest, I avoid buying the first version of anything… but a lot of the initial purchasers of the iPhone were less fanboy and more “look what I have” types, sucked in by excellent marketing and a need to be noticed and feel important.

    But thats just my opinion.

  72. jimconsumer says:

    I’m with the other posters on this: Unless you bought the phone within the last 14 days and are still within your return period, Apple doesn’t owe you a dime. The company did not try to screw you, idiots. I am sure they fully intended to continue selling the phone for $600 but, guess what? They haven’t sold like hotcakes. There are a lot of iPhones just sitting on shelves. Apple probably needs to move the inventory and the best way to do that is to admit they overpriced it and pull out some drastic cuts.

    That doesn’t mean you got screwed. You were willing to pay $600, you paid it, so what’s the problem? You’re mad because other people can get them for less money? You pay a premium for getting it early. I paid $6,500 for a 65″ HDTV in 2000. A year later they were selling the same set for $3,000. I didn’t bitch and whine about it. You people are babies. What, just because Apple is trying to move the unsold phones any way they know how means they screwed you? Yeah, right.

  73. FrankTheTank says:

    Clearly Matt is not someone who Apple needs to appease.

    He is not an early adopter, he is not an Apple advocate.

    I doubt he has bought other Apple stuff in the past and surely he won’t in the future.

    Again, this store credit is for the loyal, true Apple /Mac crowd to ensure that they remain that way. The people who buy Apple stuff everytime out.

    Matt, Apple couldn’t less about you, and they probably shouldn’t.

  74. @elduque: Same here.

  75. mammalpants says:

    this is ridiculous.

    you know what? i bought a car and drove it off the lot and then i decided i wanted a different car, but when i took it back 10 minutes later, it was only worth 80% of what i just paid for it 10 minutes earlier. i want compensation. i deserve compensation. i deserve. i deserve. i deserve.

    you dont deserve ANY compensation. you paid $600 and you were happy with your phone until it became accessible to the masses for $200 less a few months later.

    the fact that steve jobs gives you $100 in credit to be “fair” is effing awesome. fact. you have a used device and it is worth a lot less now. a lot less. you drove it off the lot and it is not worth what you paid for it.

    most companies would spit in your face and tell you too bad. good god, if at&t was doing this, they would probably say you owe THEM $200 for Early Adoption Fees that are unclearly laid out in a 400 page Terms of Service written in 6 pt. single-spaced Times New Roman.

    i love Apple products… i love everything about them, EXCEPT this price drop crap that they have done for DECADES. everyone has to experience it at some point. i lost $1000 on a 22″ cinema display price drop and i was so pissed off. i have not bought any apple products in the first few months of release ever since…but i learned my lesson and moved on. where’s my $1000??? don’t i get anything? i deserve. i deserve. i deserve. but i dont deserve. i paid full price and drove it off the lot. period. it’s just business.

  76. hoo_foot says:

    Boo-freaking-hoo. Matt is damn lucky to be getting a $100 gift certificate back.

    I can’t believe Apple caved into these whiners.

  77. str1cken says:


    Boo hoo indeed.

    It must be really, really hard to be able to afford a $600 phone plus 2-year contract.

    I know I’m not the only person out there who thought that a $600 phone (plus 2-year contract) was an incredible ripoff and decided to wait until the price came down and the phone unlocked, or not buy at all.

    Seriously. STFU. These are common risks associated with being an early adopter. Get over it.

  78. gregr209 says:

    Boo Hoo! Take the credit and feel lucky you got that! Geez.

  79. Echodork says:

    God, are you seriously complaining that a company lowered the price on one of their products? And then, when they upped you half the difference in free store credit, instead of buying yourself something shiny and new, you chose to boycott the company?

    Are you for real?

    Why is Consumerist posting this crap?

  80. Guard says:

    Are people seriously this whiney?

    They realized from the start, the iphone costed about $250 to produce, there was a heavy premium on top of that cost to own it at first. You could have waited for a price drop like everyone else and not did the fanboy stunt like so many others. You basically paid $200 to own it ahead of everyone else. People were selling iPhones for more than that on eBay, so should people on eBay get a refund for the extra they paid?

    Should people that bought the PS3 on eBay for $2000 on day 1 get all their money back because there was ample supply and a price drop already? Theres always a price to pay to own new technology at the beginning, they didn’t deserve the $100 Apple Credit, so they have no reason to complain whatsoever.

  81. mandarin says:

    Wow all these boneheads who slept in front of the Apple store paid a premium to brag about it and then complains when the price drops…

  82. milty45654 says:

    APPLE BOYCOTT: Because Jobs bowed down to the whiny bitches, nobody here buy any more apple shit….

  83. Elijah-M says:

    This reminds me of the chilling expose that Consumerist did about those 100 Calorie Packs. Yeah. Capitalism. Look it up.

  84. anatak says:

    Take the $100 credit.

    Buy another iPhone with the discount (you know you want another).

    Come back tommow and brag about the sweet deal you got on an iPhone.

    Better now??

  85. Will Clarke says:

    Matt and the Consumerist need to get over it. Jobs is right, price drops are part of business, and a $100 credit is more than generous.

  86. ahwannabe says:

    It’s not about the money. Matt’s just mad because the rabble on the street can now afford the same status symbol he’s been flashing for four months, and he’s not the coolest kid on the block anymore.

  87. rdm says:

    @public enemy #1:

    You win. :D

    I agree with the above. If you don’t want to use the credit, can you sell it on ebay for $75 or so? People are way out of control about this. Hey, I bought an 80GB ipod for my boyfriend for Christmas last year. That same ipod has been slashed in price and now there’s one twice the capacity. That’s just the nature of the beast.

  88. backbroken says:

    “I couldn’t wait to be the first person in my circle to have an iPhone so I waited in line and spent all my money on one and was completely satisfied! So what are you going to do to compensate me for this??”

    Shut up already.

  89. proc113 says:

    I totally agree with ABUSIVEELUSIVE and KWUMMY (and most all of the other posters here).

    You people that bought iphones did so at a set price. Since you aren’t complaining about the product, I assume that you are happy with what you received for the price you paid. You weren’t cheated out of anything.

    What makes you entitled to getting money back just because the price goes down (one day or one month later or one year) later?

    The $100 credit is a ridiculous payment and Apple went way way out of their way to appease some aggressive whiny fanboys.

  90. deserthiker says:

    I can’t believe the choads who keep calling anyone who is unhappy with Apple a whiner, a fanboi, sucker or whatever. Apple took the deliberate action of taking advantage of their most faithful customer base. No company should do that; it’s bad business. If they could drop the price two hundred bucks, 33 percent just two months after the launch they could have dropped it BEFORE the launch but they decided to take advantage of the good will built up over the years and it backfired.

    People say, “That’s what happens in tech” but that’s a false argument. The iPod is $249. It’s been $249 for years. Sure, they add features–slowly–and the price has gone down but it’s never dropped 33%. The MacBook is $1099. It always has been. Sure they’ve upped the speed but the price has never dropped 33%. Never! The OSX upgrade is $129. It’s always been $129. When the new OS comes out it will be $129. So Apple customers have some history and a drop like this in price is unprecedented with Apple.

    Apple basically told their best customers that, “Yes, we overpriced this product to take advantage of your support. Screw you.” Unless your business is a brothel you don’t screw your best customers.

    This was a BIG misstep by Apple. Their most passionate product promoters will be less inclined to tell their friends or to proclaim the company that’s supposed to “Think Different” in the future. What should have been a great launch for the new iPods has turned into a fiasco for them. Have you heard anyone talk about the new iPod? Or that you will soon be able to order iTunes songs via WiFi? Or that you will be able to create your own ringtones? NO. All you’ve heard is Apple screwed over their “fanboi” legions.

    $100 credit. Pfft! Maybe if Judas had given back 15 pieces of silver that would have made everything OK.

  91. beyond says:

    I don’t get it. If I bought something and 2 months later it went on sale why would I expect the company to reimburse me anything? They launched their product, 2 months later the price drops. None of these customers were entitled to anything. Apple was just being nice, yet you still can’t stop complaining.

  92. homerjay says:

    @deserthiker: Hi Matt!

  93. yahonza says:


    “Apple took the deliberate action of taking advantage of their most faithful customer base.”

    Yeah, by offering them a product they wanted to buy at a price they wanted to pay. Shame on you Apple.

  94. hypnotik_jello says:

    @deserthiker: You’re joking right? It’s called market driven economics. Apple is a company in business to make money, not to appease the early adopter customer base. If they need to drop the price of their products to get them to sell, they are certainly entitled to do so.

    If you don’t like the fact that Apple lowered their prices, you’re free to not buy their products. I’m sure you won’t be missed by Apple.

  95. Buran says:

    @JMH: That’s Uncle Scrooge. Are you saying that Steve Jobs is a duck?


  96. Buran says:

    @beyond: No kidding. I thought we’d finally get some freaking peace, but now they’re bitching about the REBATE TOO.

  97. LAGirl says:

    did i want an iPhone the day it was released? yes. did i want to wait in line and pay $600 for it? no. so what did i do? i waited and used my Razr until they cut the price.

    all these whiners need to STFU. you could have waited. no one FORCED you to run out and buy it at the higher price.

  98. Craig says:

    Dude, if you don’t want the credit then sell it on eBay…you’ll get $90 cash for it. Then you can whine about losing the $10.

  99. Voyou_Charmant says:

    Um… “greedy stunt”?! They dropped the price. That is the opposite of greedy. It’s their product and you had no obligation to pay the inflated price they were selling it for, but you did anyway.Why was it totally worth it then and not now?

    Everyone ever stated that a price drop was coming (sooner or later); but you wanted to get in early and be one of the cool kids. That is your own fault.

    Apple simply has no obligation to give you anything. Take the $100 towards other Apple stuff and keep being a hipster.

    And dont even front on the “if I never plan to shop at Apple again”, because we all know if you like Apple you’ll keep buying it. Dont fool yourself.

    Here, i found this cheese, you can have it.

  100. coss3n says:

    In other news, new cars lose 20% of their value when you drive them off the lot.

  101. zingbot says:

    I guess I’ve never heard of a company that had a price adjusment policy of more than 14 days. Who are these alleged companies that give adjustments after 30, 60, 90 days?

    I know tha Gap (and all theirs) is 14 days, so is Williams-Sonoma.

  102. killavanilla says:

    The only choads here are the people bitching about apple right now.
    They didn’t “take advantage” of anyone. They brought a product to market and people lined up and camped for days to get it at a price they knew ahead of time and were willing to pay of their own free will.
    What do you care what Apple prices their equipment at? How does that affect you?
    I could understand the sharholders being upset, but you – THE CONSUMER?
    That’s plain, old fashioned stupidity for you.
    Apple fans who wanted the phone bought it without Jobs holding a gun to their heads.
    I didn’t buy one. Know why?
    A few reasons:
    1) It was too damn expensive at launch
    2) New products like this are buggy and overpriced
    3) it cost too muc
    4) The price was too high
    5) hype is the antithesis of value
    Get the drift? Apple made a decision to drop the price so they could try and get folks more like me to buy one.
    See, unlike the early adopters, I understand that products are always a bit cheaper after a spell. Apple decides how much to price their units, not the consumer. Dont like it? Move along. Don’t buy apple.
    But the idea that dropping the price somehow hurts consumers is as ridiculous as blaming your parents because your kid doesn’t behave. It’s YOUR problem that you paid top dollar, not theirs.
    Grow up.

  103. itmustbeken says:

    @deserthiker: People say, “That’s what happens in tech” but that’s a false argument. The iPod is $249. It’s been $249 for years. Sure, they add features–slowly–and the price has gone down but it’s never dropped 33%.

    You make a solid, factual argument…what are you doing on this site?

  104. sncreducer says:

    Oh. My. God.

    When did Consumerist get taken over by the fanboys?

    I won’t waste a lot of space here restating what’s already been said. I’ll try to summarize:

    You bought the phone of your own free will.

    Apple doesn’t owe you shit.

    Consider yourself lucky that you got anything at all.


  105. “Apple took the deliberate action of taking advantage of their most faithful customer base.”

    @deserthiker: Or maybe the price drop came because they didn’t sell as many as they thought they would and figured that they’d sell more by dropping the price.

    If it was really just about taking advantage of people, why drop the price at all?

    When people bought the iPhone they knew then that they wouldn’t be able to return it after only two weeks. To me that says that you are agreeing that (barring malfunctions) you are ok with whatever happens after that two weeks.

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see how the price drop changes anything. They were willing to pay over $600 for the iPhone either because they felt it was worth it or felt it was worth it to have it immediately. Yes the price drop was quick and yes it was big but if you wanted it first that shouldn’t matter. If you just thought the iPhone was worth that much you had two weeks to see if that was right. If it seemed too expensive for what it could do when you bought it you could have returned it. If it still seemed worth it that shouldn’t change now either.

  106. IndyJaws says:


    Congratulations on your induction into the Sniveling Asshat Society.

  107. fashionista says:

    Use your $100 gift certificate to get the latest iPod!

  108. @deserthiker: $100 credit. Pfft! Maybe if Judas had given back 15 pieces of silver that would have made everything OK.

    Oh, for god’s sake…

    My head is not designed for the amount of eye rolling needed for that one.

  109. savvy9999 says:

    At this point, to me, both Apple and its Jim Jones cult-following look really really stoopid. Bad choice to rush to get an iPhone the second it came out, bad choice by Apple to cave in to a small bunch of whiners with this gift cert nonsense.

  110. sassenach says:

    Bite me, early adopters.

  111. Hawk07 says:

    Didn’t buy an iPhone and have no interest in getting one.

    Nevertheless, it’s still pretty dick what Apple pulled.

  112. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    @deserthiker: You’re just talking to yourself there, sport.

    Have you heard anyone talk about the new iPod? Yep.

    Or that you will soon be able to order iTunes songs via WiFi? Mmm-hmm.

    Or that you will be able to create your own ringtones? You betcha.

    NO. All you’ve heard is Apple screwed over their “fanboi” legions. Um… wrong. But to an Apple-hater, facts don’t mean much, do they, @deserthiker? Don’t even get me started on your ridiculous take on Apple pricing over the last few years.

    Oh, and one more thing:

    Maybe if Judas had given back 15 pieces of silver that would have made everything OK.

    Oh… my. Would that make Matt Jesus and you St. Paul? Delusions of grandeur much? Maybe there should be an amendment to Godwin’s Law…

  113. olegna says:

    I bought the Nokia N76 about the same time the iPhone came out. It’s still abut the same price.

    I enjoy mentioning this.

  114. mac-phisto says:

    i want a $100 apple gift certificate for listening to these idiots whine.

  115. joemono says:

    So how long until there’s a video of one of these whiners smashing his iPhone with a sledgehammer?

  116. hypnotik_jello says:

    @joemono: I don’t know, but I hope a whiner smashes his phone and doesn’t get anything from Apple for it. AHAHAHAHAHA. Screw ’em!

  117. deserthiker says:

    OK, maybe the Judas comment was a bit too much (I know Steve Jobs is a huge Dylan fan and there’s some Dylan history to being called Judas but I digress) but the fact remains Apple intentionally screwed over their best customers and that is NOT a good business strategy. Period.

    Apple users will still use Apple because they are not going over to Microsoft but they will not have the same passion in the future. Maybe that’s a good thing but not for Apple. My point is remains is that this was a misstep by Apple and not one people will forget anytime soon.

  118. hypnotik_jello says:

    @deserthiker: You keep saying that Apple intentionally screwed over their best customers, yet fail to explain your case. Apple made a miscalculation on the initial selling price of the phone, and corrected it to increase demand. How is the intentionally screwing over their customers? Yeah, I’m sure Steve Jobs woke up one day and said, I’m going to screw over tons of people by setting a high price, get people to buy the iphone, and then lower the price two months later. I’m sure that’s exactly what transpired.

    Please. If Apple thought a $600 price point would continue to make the phones fly off the shelves they would have left the price at $600.

    What don’t you understand about economics?

  119. Dorgon says:

    Practically speaking, if you’d rather have some money, you can use the credit to buy an itunes gift card, then sell that card on eBay. You’ll probably net $75 when all is said and done with fees and all that crap.

    As far as the price dropping is concerned, think about this the next time you’re on an airplane: what did the person next to you pay for their seat? We’re talking about price changes on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis. And it’s perfectly accpeted.

  120. Trai_Dep says:

    I don’t think this is a situation where the iPhone wasn’t hitting its numbers, so Jobs dropped the price. I think that it’s more the recognition that a subset of the iPhone market was willing to pay a premium for, basically, an iPod Touch.

    Once it’s possible to buy THAT, it removed that segment from the iPhone market. Thus, less demand, lower price (on the iPhone – Apple will see equal/better revenues once iPod Touch sales are factored in).

    Very clever on Apple’s part, and nuanced in their marketing.

    MUCH different than “my gosh must slash prices now since no one’s buying these things”.

    And, mirroring the unanimous opinion of the others, why is Consumerist blaming Apple for DROPPING prices?! And for the unheard-of response of rebating as they are?

  121. Critcol says:

    Geez, I am consistently amazed by the users on this site. Half the time they’re communist, and the other half (like now) they’re downright capitalist pigs.

    Can’t we have a balance instead of two over the edge extremes?

  122. HeartBurnKid says:

    @Hawk07: Yeah, cutting prices as demand slowed? Following well-established economic principles? How dare they!

  123. consumer_999 says:

    Well, prevailing opinion is pretty clear here; I do wonder why it’s so much the opposite on digg. As of last night, the post for the story leading to this one had 6500 diggs, all full of people exhaling in relief, cheering for “Jesus Jobs”, and down voting anyone sharing an opinion similar to the majority one here. Are we just more enlightened, or are they just a bunch or foolish consumers?

    Nevermind, the question kinda answers itself.

  124. ShadowArmor says:

    I’m going to walk the road less travelled.

    I believe myself to be a reasonable person, but I also care about my own interests and well being. Even allowing for the “early adopter fee”, a 30% price drop 2 months after launch would certainly have me upset. Notice the key word here: “me”.

    The consumerist has posted MANY articles from people who preach that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Why, one of today’s stories suggests posting scurrilous buzz phrases on a company’s stock forum as an effective method to “encourage” a fix.

    Other articles in past (SpiritAir, AT&T) have resulted from users guessing and/or obtaining internal contact information for the CEO and airing the complaint that way. Another one of consumerist’s experts basically says “nag until you get what you want”.

    Low and behold, Apple is “splitting the difference” with its users. Would that have happened if nobody had complained? Aren’t those who complained in a much better position than they were before?

    A price drop is always a risk of being an early adopter, yes. But put yourself in the shoes of someone who stood in line for 6 hours, entered into a 2 year contract, and run up his/her credit card. I too would be overpowered by emotion and feeling abandoned by a company I professed to love so much.

  125. deserthiker says:

    Let me try to explain why i think Apple screwed over it’s best customers. Apple has created a brand that has meaning to it’s customers. To them it represents innovation, quality, integrity and value retention. Check around: you don’t see new Apple stuff marked down. It dilutes the brand image. When apple did the unprecidented move of slashing the price of a new product it was counter to what people have come to expect of them. It smells of taking advantage of customers goodwill by charging more initially. And no one wants to be taken advantage of.
    200 bucks is not a big deal to a lot of Apple customer base. But to feel cheated is.

    Apple diminshed their brand image for long time with this.

    No whining. Just the way it is.

  126. wesrubix says:


    THANK YOU for saying that. I am so tired of these fan boy early adopters complaining!

  127. m4nea says:

    anyone “in the tech industry” (which this guy obviously is not) knows that this is what happens when you pay top dollar for a device opening day.
    There were $50 000 PS3’s on eBay opening week, as i recall.

  128. Trai_Dep says:

    @deserthiker: but it’s not that they were overcharging for the iPhone. Anything but considering the overwhelming sales (only less than Wall Street, who are crazed witless monkeys on crack (witness: subprime loan packages)).

    It was the only device in the world that had the Touch interface. And also a really kewl phone. Now it’s one of two devices in the world with a Touch interface. And still a really kewl phone. No one was cheated, but considering there were enough people out there contemplating buying an iPhone just to get their hands on Touch, once iPod Touch was announced, they should expect the value of their iPhone to go down. Since now they can get exactly what they want, without AT&T owning their immortal soul for the next two years.

    It’s the opposite of having a firesell to make the numbers: Apple comes out with so many innovative products, so quickly, that sometimes early adopters stumble over themselves. But it’s not harmful to Apple’s rep. Or shouldn’t be.

  129. ktmorton says:

    It’s okay. Even if you never want to spend money at Apple again (which I highly doubt you’ll follow through with), you can spend the $100 credit on the new battery you’ll need in a year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I generally love Apple products, but I think they jumped the gun a little with the iPhone. Tying it to one carrier (especially AT&T) and designing with a one-year battery were huge mistakes.

  130. rbb says:

    How long will it take the fanbois to forgive Apple? I think this joke answers the question:

    Q: How many Apple fanbois does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Hey, look! Is that a new ipod?

  131. Will Clarke says:

    @itmustbeken: Wrong. The iPod has not always been $249. The first iPod was $499 for a 5 GB model. Then the price went down… just like it did with the iPhone.

  132. Will Clarke says:

    @Will Clarke: Correction – it was $399, and they added a 10 GB model soon after for $499.

  133. supra606 says:

    @homerjay (and all the other people who responded to that person):

  134. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    I post a price of $X for a product. You come and give me $X and I give you the product, which you keep and use without complaint. It would seem that both of us are happy, since you were willing to part with your money and I the product, and neither of us are asking for a “do-over” on the deal….

    Then I decide I only need to charge $(X-2) for the SAME product. It doesn’t matter why – if I want to expand my customer base, or if my manufacturing has gotten cheaper, or my competetion more fierce. WHY in the world would I expect that someone who paid $X should get it for the (X-2) price?

    I look at my 36″ CRT TV – a top of the line model in 1999 that I paid nearly $2000 for that can now be had for $300. (They talked about HD for years and I just never thought it would ever really take off, since it was supposed to be the standard in the EARLY 90’s) It sucks to see a TV that looks like mine, has a better picture and is a whole lot cheaper (and has been for a while) but I’m not bitching to Sony about it. I rolled the dice in 1999 and lost. Somehow I manage to make it through my days and nights and NOT send a sniveling e-mail to “Consumerist” about how Sony has wronged me with their pricing.

    What did you expect when you were buying a stupid phone for $600 AND signing a 2 year contract when you could sign a 2 year contract and get a phone for FREE from the same company. Did Apple put a gun to your head? Quit your fricking whining and give up your iPhone if you are unhappy.

  135. NickRB says:

    I bought a TV at Christmas for $2100. By Valentines day 2 months later , it had dropped to $1299. I didn’t bitch or moan. I understand that prices on electronics fall over time, often rapidly.

  136. bobznc says:


    “What’s the difference whether the price drops 2 months or 6 months after the launch? Would 4 months really make you feel that much better?”

    Thats actually the first time, after days of watching macrumor’s forum light up, saying this. You’re locked into a 2 year contract, you’re stuck, what would 4 less month matter?

    Well put USERCONTROL.

  137. shades_of_blue says:

    I’ve had videocards that rival this phones cost, and prices on those drop fast. You are not in ‘the tech industry’, if you were you’d know the price break season is typically March and September. Some of it has to do with 60-day price matching, other breaks have to do with slumping sales and more importantly new products begin to reach ‘the channel’.

    Small OEMs do not drop prices going into the holiday season, they can’t because of increased demand on inventory. LCD panels always go up around 25-40 more, from distributor. I’ve dealt with distributors such as D&H, TechData and Synnex for years.

    Go back to your BestBuy counter and shut your mouth.

  138. dantsea says:

    Oh lord. Someone call the Waaahmbulance for Matt, he seems to have come down with Precious Flower Syndrome.

    On the local news the other night (San Francisco), there was a story about some local highchair pounder who’s going around putting up anti-Apple stickers on lightposts everywhere because he’s so furious about the price reduction. He wouldn’t let them film his face, so all you heard was this trembling geekboy voice. Dude seriously sounded like he was about five seconds away from bursting into tears. It was hilarious.

    Wonder if that was Matt, or a good friend?

    I know it’s snotty and snobbish, but I’ll say it again: If $200 is so near and dear to you that it causes you this amount of anguish, hardware like the iPhone is beyond your means. If you buy one anyway, don’t cry when the price changes.

  139. @Abusiveelusive: I actually agree. I can’t find it in myself to attack Apple on this one. I mean, I’ve hated the Mac os ever since I got my first computer which ran Mac OS 7 so I hold no real likings to Apple. But never-the-less, these guys wanted it so bad, they went out and dropped $599.99 for it. Now they have the stones to complain about the price dropping 2 months post-release to retail? I’m sorry, but I cannot resist laughing at that premise. These guys waited in line and drew the punishment for doing such. They wanted the newest, latest, (maybe not the greatest but) hottest cell phone on the market and they made the decision to drop $600 for it. Steve Jobs didn’t personally hold a gun to someone’s head and say “buy our phone ,now”. Nor did AT&T (Formerly, Cingular). On that note, they should’ve known something was coming eitherway considering this is AT&T we’re talking about. I’m sorry but I cannot find it in myself to show any pittance towards anyone affected by this.

  140. Jesse in Japan says:

    Listen, if you were willing to pay 600 dollars for an iPhone when it first came out and are more-or-less satisfied with it, then what difference should it make to you that a few months later people are paying 400 dollars for the same thing? For that matter, what difference does it make if the price drop comes now or in December? I’m not an Apple fanboy or anything, but once you’ve bought a product and it works and you’re happy with it, you really have no right to complain if the price of that product drops. I think Apple is being extremely generous to offer you anything at all. They haven’t taken anything from you, they haven’t harmed you. You just have buyer’s remorse.

  141. karmaghost says:

    If I had paid so much money to get an iPhone off the bat, only to have it drop by $200 two months later, I’d be pissed too. But it would never happen to me again, because I’d wait (like I do now) to see what happens with the device (problems? recalls? price cuts/increases?) before making a purchase in the future. I think Apple will have issues launching products from now on because of this, but until then, you know they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    But honestly, if you were so apt to get an iPhone so soon, chances are you know how Apple operates. Even if you didn’t think it would happen in 2 months, you know that Apple was going to come out with a cheaper or newer/revised solution less than 6 months after launch. It’s Apple, for Christ’s sake, where have you been?