Thanks All The Same, Steve Jobs, But We'd Rather Have The Cash

iPhone backlash continues this morning: Matt writes in to share his displeasure at being offered $100 gift certificate by Steve Jobs. He’d rather just have his money back, since his phone is only a month old:

In response to the announcement issued yesterday by Mr. Jobs, I would like to know how is it even reasonable to expect that pissed off customers WANT $100 towards more Apple gear? What good does $100 towards new stuff do, if I never plan to shop at Apple again as a result of this greedy stunt? I’m in the tech industry–one could reasonably expect that a new version and a lower price would happen around December, given the holidays and the fact that it’s 6 months after the launch. But this week, and a 33% cut? That’s outrageous, especially when the standard return policies for most smart retailers are 30, 60 or 90 days…not 14. Apple has just destroyed their brand in my eyes.

I would like to know how this company plans to legitimately address my (and others’) concerns–not just pay lip-service and attempt to get us to buy more stuff.

Thanks very much,


Well, Matt. You do have a point. However, since you’re stuck with the phone (and a 2-year contract with AT&T, one imagines) you’re going to want to make the best of it. Your phone is fairly new, so you should either be able to sweet-talk Apple into a refund or, if your credit card has price protection, you should still be within the (usually) 60-day window.

Give it a shot. What can you lose?

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